Best of ELEVATE 2024: From Building Your Personal Brand To The Unique Position of Women in Tech to Drive Political Change – And How To Leverage AI For Your Job Search

March 9, 2024
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The 7th annual Girl Geek X: ELEVATE Conference and Career Fair on March 7-8, 2024 in celebration of International Women’s Day hosted over 2k women & allies globally, with 88% attendees interested in hearing about jobs, 80+ speakers, 40 mentors, 5 employers recruiting at virtual Employer Booths. Help a girl geek land her next job in tech!

Here are the most-watched 10 sessions from ELEVATE 2024 Conference & Career Fair! You can watch (or re-watch) them at the links below:

  1. How To Build Your Personal BrandCorliss Collier (Amazon Head of Product, Research & Science – Amazon Seller Satisfaction & Insights)
  2. Navigating the Engineering Manager Odyssey: Insights from Airbnb, Cash App, Workday – Megha Krishnamurthy (Adobe Senior Engineering Manager), Namrata Ghadi (Workday Senior Engineer & Tech Lead, AI/ML), Nono Guimbi (Airbnb Engineering Manager), Seetha Annamraju (Cash App Engineering Manager), Joya Joseph (Hinge Health Engineering Manager)
  3. Navigating Change & Uncertainty Raji Subramanian (Opendoor Chief Technology Officer)
  4. Decoding What Recruiters Are Looking For In A Resume Nora Hamada (Recruit Rise Founder)
  5. How To Give a $H*T – Drive High Performance & EngagementHannah Hosemann (Affinity Director of Onboarding & Implementation)
  6. Live Lightning Resume Reviews Tal Flanchraych (ApplyAll Founder)
  7. The Unique Position Of Women In Tech To Drive Political ChangeShawna Martell (Carta Senior Staff).
  8. Strategic Interviewing: Pursuing Roles Despite Skill Gaps – Amie Dsouza (Southwest Cybersecurity PM)
  9. How To Leverage AI To Speed Up Your Job Search & Land Your Next Role – Nic Amos (Kohl’s Product Mgr)
  10. Changemakers: Insights From Visionary CEOs & CTOs Shaping Social EntrepreneurshipBaat Enosh (Nia Growth CEO & Co-Founder), Iliana Montauk (Manara CEO & Co-Founder), Pamela Martinez (Snowball Wealth CTO & Co-Founder),  S.K. Lee (Angel Investor).

Thank You To ELEVATE 2024 Supporters – They Are Hiring!

Special thank you to our supporters at 18C, AppFolio, Boomi, Opendoor, and U.S. Digital Service for recruiting from the Girl Geek X community of mid-to-senior level technical women. We can’t wait to help another girl geek get her next job in tech.

Don’t forget to check out featured jobs from 18C, AppFolio, Boomi, Opendoor and U.S. Digital Service.

The conference theme is “Lift As You Climb,” is perfect for celebrating International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month.

Mentors from Amazon, Airbnb, Block, Cadence, DocuSign, Gap, Google, Intuit, Ro, Spryker, U.S. Digital Service, WhatsApp (Meta) & more answered questions and shared career advice with attendees during Mentor Hour!

If your company is looking to recruit more women this year, please don’t let them miss out on our next ELEVATE Virtual Conference & Career Fair sponsorship opportunity on June 5.

We also partner with companies monthly on Girl Geek Dinners in the San Francisco Bay Area, booking now for 2024 summer and fall.

Please email sponsors@girlgeek.io and we’ll be in touch.

Thank you in advance!

Angie Chang, Sukrutha Bhadouria, Amy Weicker, Amanda Beaty and the team at Girl Geek X


Check out these featured career opportunities from our mission-aligned partners, and visit our open jobs page to view even more opportunities!

Feel free to list “Girl Geek X” as your referral. Forward this to a friend — Help a fellow girl geek land her next job in tech!

Watch the 10-min intro from 18C’s Founder and CEO Danielle McLaughlin – and her career talk!


Watch the 10-min intro from AppFolio’s Director of Engineering Holly Gardner, QA Engineering manager Susana Rivera, and Product Development Coordination Manager Perla Vidal!


Watch the 10-min intro from Boomi’s Senior Engineering Manager Bindu Mukundan, Principal Software Engineer Nina Francis, and Senior Talent Acquisition Advisor Cole Alfieri – and Boomi’s R&D panel speaking about what they’re working on!


Watch the 10-min intro from Opendoor’s Head of Product Design Evie Alexander, Senior Engineering Manager Griselle Ong, and Area Construction Manager Cynthia Herriott – and IWD2024 keynote from CTO Raji Subramanian with VP Merav Bloch!


Watch the 10-min intro from U.S. Digital Service’s Deputy Director of Talent Management Shavonne Holman and Talent Operations Specialist Mariah Casimir – and USDS’s product manager “inside government” panel and/or product manager panel on public health.


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Corliss Collier ELEVATE quote tie your passion to your unique value proposition drive strategy
Raji Subramanian ELEVATE quote important to focus and understand the visible results you are creating
Pooja Shaw ELEVATE quote high profile high visibility high urgency projects improve services priority across federal government
Patricia Moore ELEVATE quote no matter your career path its always like drinking from the firehose
Itir Cole ELEVATE quote we work remotely but we work for the federal government
Susana Rivera ELEVATE quote we can get coaching mentorship and dedicated time that we all call fff future focused fridays
Natalie Lao ELEVATE quote our goal is to reach million girls by and teach them ai and technology development
Danielle McLaughlin ELEVATE quote we do active sourcing for engineering women specifically leaders
Jen McVicker ELEVATE quote google dora devops metrics engineering performance
Chelsea Zhou ELEVATE quote choosing career path starts with deep honest inward assessment of yourself and your motivations
Flora Jha ELEVATE your resume should be ats friendly
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