ELEVATE 2024 Career Fair Kickoff – Employer Intro – AppFolio (Video + Transcript)

March 25, 2024

Employers will share more about a company’s culture, values, and mission, as well as the opportunities for growth and development within the organization. Learn about how the company grows employees professionally, any initiatives or projects that the company is working on, more about the roles and teams hiring, and the interview process!


Watch the AppFolio intro from Susana Rivera (Manager, Quality Assurance Engineering), Holly Gardner (Director of Software Engineering), and Perla Vidal (Manager, Product Development Coordination) on why they enjoy working at AppFolio and how the interview process works.


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Susana Rivera ELEVATE quote we can get coaching mentorship and dedicated time that we all call fff future focused fridays


Susana Rivera: Hi everybody. My name is Susana. I’m a QA manager at AppFolio. I have been working here for almost five years. At AppFolio, we create property management software that help our customers to do their business. My role is to support the QAs and the platform teams. The platform teams are those that are working in all those services and apps that are used by all our customers and their customers, apps like email, SMS, or reporting.

When people ask me, “Why AppFolio?” I can say that it’s because of the focus on people and how the company invests in them and in their growth. I like that the team members are recognized and rewarded for delivering meaningful work. I like that we can get coaching, mentorship and dedicated time that we all call FFF or Future Focus Friday. Those Fridays are the days that we use for explore, experiment, or learn something new.

We have an individual budget that we can use for training and professional development. We get paid to learn and grow. How awesome is that? At AppFolio, we promote an inclusive and connected culture that generates high-performance, innovation and collaboration no matter where or who we are. We empower each other and lead by example. We take risk. We own our mistakes. We are one team, no matter if you are at the hub or at home.

One of the things that attracted me to AppFolio was the focus on people, our value of great people make a great company has been something that really resonates with me. Putting people first and their success is something you get to experience daily.

We love customer feedback. We love to listen to our customers and learn from them. By creating partnerships with our customers, we can create a better experience. When our customers win, we win.

Every day, we work on our company’s vision of wanting to power the future of the real estate industry where we build a platform that helps our customers to do their business. There’s so many things that I love about working at AppFolio that would take more than the time that we have, so for now, I will pass it to Holly.

Holly Gardner: Thanks, Susana. Hi. My name’s Holly. I’ve been with AppFolio for 2 1/2 years, and I’m the director of engineering for the maintenance domain. While AppFolio is focused on creating the platform where real estate comes to do business, my teams are focused on making sure property managers are able to solve their resident work orders in a timely manner.

Since AppFolio’s founding 17 years ago, we’ve been focused on creating innovation in real estate, first with SaaS, then MOPL, and now, AI. AppFolio has been investing in AI for the past five years, and we’re currently developing our most innovative generative AI product yet called Realm. And we’re hiring people to help us make that vision possible.

At AppFolio, we have a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion that begins at the hiring process and continues into our company practices. We aim to make AppFolio a place where you can bring yourself to your full potential.

We believe that diversity improves innovation, attracts great people and helps us listen to our diverse AppFolio customers. We do recognize this as an ongoing journey and it’s one we’re committed to every day. This includes monthly DEI events, which really started as a grassroots initiative by employees. We use these moments as opportunities to learn more about the lives and experiences of our fellow AppFolians and to identify ways that we can better support our colleagues.

We also have AppFolio Voices, our employee-led resource groups, including Be @AppFolio for Black AppFolians, Bridge of Cultures @AppFolio for the Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander community, Pride @AppFolio for those part of the LGBTQIA+ community, as well as our more informal affinity groups or channels where communities can connect around shared identities like our Working Parents channel or our Women in Tech channel. So if you’re interested in AppFolio’s vision and want to be part of our Women in Tech community, come talk to us at our booth. Now on to Perla.

Perla Vidal: Yes. Thank you Holly. And if you like what you heard from my coworkers here, from Susanna and Holly, you are in luck because we are hiring. My name is Perla Vidal and I’ve had the joy of working at AppFolio for almost eight years. I lead a team of coordinators who run engaging events like hack days and tech retreat and execute on programs that keep all of the roles and product development engaged.

Our team motto is to create a work environment where AppFolians are empowered, engaged, valued, and inspired to create innovative solutions for our customers and build meaningful connections. And just a greater call for my role. It’s something I love to do every day.

Now, I’d love to share with you all some of the roles that we’re hiring for and give you a preview of the interviewing experience for some of those roles. One of the roles we’re actively recruiting for is our senior data scientist in accounting. For this position, we’re looking for someone who has experience in product analytics, time series forecasting, and user behavior data. Any previous experience with accounting software or payments would be ideal.

The interview process will start with you meeting with the hiring manager to discuss your overall experience and knowledge. And should that go well, you’ll meet with one of our team members to do a technical interview that will cover your data science, data engineering, and analytical experience and knowledge. And from there, you’ll wrap up with three final interviews with team members you’d be working closely with within the role to go over skills and behavioral questions.

Additionally, we have two senior software engineering openings. One is with our student housing team, which I’m a little biased, but it’s such a great team, and they’re in this brand new area for AppFolio and student housing. And we’re looking with someone with extensive Ruby experience and ideally, is able to work from our Santa Barbara office, which is not a bad place to work from.

The other opening is in frontend-heavy position with our Realm-X team, which is our new AI offering. And it’s a very exciting and cutting edge place to work from.

For our interview process, our senior software engineers will undergo four separate one-hour technical interviews with behavioral questions. These interviews will be a deep dive into your previous projects, general engineering practices, computer science fundamentals, and a coding challenge. Equally important, we’re looking for communication and collaboration with these questions. We don’t expect you to have anything memorized and we encourage you to use the languages that you are comfortable using for the coding challenge. With that, we’ll invite you to join us at our booth at 12 PM Pacific.


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