Holly Gardner

Holly Gardner works with small to mid-sized companies to build teams and process that ease the transition from a single team fitting around a conference table to spanning multiple timezones.

With a background in Physics, Computational Statistics, and Data Science, they enjoy multi-disciplinary problem solving and data-driven decision making. After working with cross-functional teams and continually reinventing their Agile process, they understand communication is the most challenging and critical part of growth in a tech organization.

They are a New Orleans native who loves cooperative board games, baking, cocktails, and curating their home library. They live in the French Quarter of New Orleans with their cat Freddie Mercury. Anche, parla un po l’italiano.



ELEVATE Conference - AppFolio: Employer Intro!

Employers will share more about a company’s culture, values, and mission, as well as the opportunities for growth and development within the organization. Learn about how the company grows employees professionally, any initiatives or projects that the company is working on, more about the roles and teams hiring, and the interview process!