Jobs from Girl Geek X Partners!

May 28, 2024

Take a look at these job opportunities from ELEVATE (June 5, 2024) sponsors:

👩🏾‍💻 Attentive

Attentive® is the AI marketing platform for leading brands, designed to optimize message performance through 1:1 SMS and email interactions. Infusing intelligence at every stage of the consumer’s purchasing journey. Watch Attentive’s 10-min intro at ELEVATE!


Check out open jobs at Attentive!

18C Partners is a boutique engineering search firm specializing in connecting exceptional technical women leaders with transformational opportunities. By blending strategic executive recruitment with passionate advocacy, we’re creating more equitable environments at the top companies in tech. Check out 18partners.com and tune in to the 18C employer intro at ELEVATE!


Check out open jobs at 18C!

Rippling is the first way for businesses to manage all of their HR, IT, and Finance — payroll, benefits, expenses, corporate cards, computers, apps, and more — in one unified workforce platform. By connecting every workforce system to a single source of truth for employee data, businesses can automate all of the manual work they normally need to do to make employee changes. Based in San Francisco, CA, Rippling was named one of America’s best startup employers by Forbes (#12 out of 500) and the #1 fastest-growing private company by the San Francisco Business Times.


Check out open jobs at Rippling!
Watch Rippling staff speak at Rippling Girl Geek Dinner 2024!

girl geek x pixel people

Over 100 girl geeks attended the SOLDOUT Rippling Girl Geek Dinner featuring networking and panel discussions on February 6, 2024 at Rippling’s San Francisco office. https://girlgeek.io/girl-geek-x-rippling

Teaser 00:00

Intro from Angie Chang

1:08 Intro from Jennifer Hasche, VP of Global Tech Recruiting

1:46 What does “Go to Western Union” mean for Rippling team members?

3:20 Cross-functional leadership panel discusses solving customer problems

8:10 Rippling’s approach to engineering

22:29 How Rippling handled the March 2023 SVB crisis

25:17 Overcoming daily challenges

29:22 How Rippling went global so quickly

36:07 Audience questions

41:14 Career Do’s, Dont’s, and A-Ha’s panel

50:00 Nan Guo on pivoting from a medical career to a tech career

55:25 Maria Chavez Cantu on overcoming imposter syndrome

1:00:20 What managers look for when hiring at Rippling

1:03:34 What to consider when moving from IC to manager

1:10:45 Advice on handling a demanding tech job

1:14:44 Audience questions

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