ELEVATE 2024 Career Fair Kickoff – Employer Intro – 18C (Video + Transcript)

March 25, 2024

18C Founder Danielle McLaughlin partners with companies to hire exceptional women engineers. Here she shares an overview of how 18C can help women with job search and salary negotiation services.


Watch the 18C intro from Founder Danielle McLaughlin about working with companies to hire exceptional women engineers. Here she shares an overview of how 18C can help women with job search and salary negotiation services.


Danielle McLaughlin ELEVATE quote we do active sourcing for engineering women specifically leaders


Danielle McLaughlin: Hi. Thank you, Angie. Excited to be here and get started. Let’s jump in. My name is Danielle. I’m the CEO and founder of 18C, which helps women engineering leaders find impactful roles. Today I’ll be sharing a bit more about me, my company mission, and what services we provide. This presentation will be about eight minutes and I’ll leave time for questions at the end. I’ll quickly share the agenda for today, a little bit about me, 18C’s mission, our open roles, our services, and kind of break those down in a bit more detail.

A little about my background. I’ve been in recruiting for about 10 years. I’ve done tons of different startup roles, larger tech company recruiting roles, from two people to 5,000 people. I got my start in executive recruiting in the higher education and non-profit industry. Since then, I’ve been specialized in engineering recruiting in fast-growing companies like Square, Waymo, Lyft, Blend and Fitbit. I’ve also taken on leadership roles as the head of talent at a few early stage ventures, and advised and built women’s communities for technical women. Outside of work I’m a big dog lover and avid yogi. I’ve been teaching yoga for about 10 years on the side and I love to be active. A bit more about why I started 18C.

I grew up with a mom in software engineering. I used to go to work with her in San Francisco as a kid, and I remember her being the only woman on her floor or seemingly, in the building. I continued to see this a lot as I got further into the tech industry in my career. And now I’m kind of really passionate about bringing more balance to the technology sector. Some of the best businesses that I’ve worked for have really prioritized diversity, giving women a voice in the organization at the leadership level. And I believe that the more women there are in technical leadership roles, the more balanced tech products will be overall.

The 18C name is short for 18 cents, which believe it or not, has been the average difference between what women and men make per dollar in the US for the last 20 years, and it has not changed much. So my goal with this business is really to close that gap in the tech sector by bringing more female voices to the tech leadership space. And I’m super excited to see where this business grows.

I’ll quickly flash a few of our open roles. You can see here there’s a good range of company sizes and stages from seed to series C. These roles update weekly. If you’re just starting to think about a search, working with a search firm early on is a great way to supplement your job interview pipeline. So you can work with multiple agencies. You can still apply to roles, but having kind of a breadth of people on your team as you’re looking for a new role can be really, really effective. I also partner with other recruiting agencies, so I have a pretty wide network that I can distribute your information to and just help you get more jobs in a really challenging market. You can view all of our jobs on our website at 18cpartners.com.

I’m early in my journey in starting a business or a startup, so these services may evolve over time, but today I’m working with businesses that want to build their teams mindfully by connecting them with exceptional women. For women, we offer job introductions to roles or companies that match their preferences, negotiation support and coaching, offer benchmarking and branding opportunities via our podcast, which I’ll cover towards the end. Let’s jump in and break these down and the process a bit more.

Job search support. So our job search support process involves a few quick steps. You can sign up for our network or apply to a role on the website. We will reach out to you to schedule time to get to know you and what matters to you, to learn your preferences, which are unique to you. And we’ll email new roles to you as they come in. You can get introduced directly to the hiring manager or jump into the technical screen. There’s no need to do another recruiter screen if you’re speaking with 18C. We do work with startups of all sizes and stages. In some cases we may be working with public companies, we may be working with really tiny startups, but the companies that we work with really value diversity, and so they’re coming to us to invest in that. And that’s important to me and for the women that I work with.

Our negotiation coaching services. These services support women who have job offers from other companies that we don’t work with, but still need help. Over one to two calls we’ll get to know you and your unique situation and help you with a talk script for handling different questions, share relevant data for your unique needs and go through some exercises to make sure you’re clear on your goals. We also have an offer calculator that can be really helpful for understanding startup equity, which is a very complex topic we’ll talk about actually in the session later today.

Negotiation support is one of my favorite things to do by far. I love women helping women feel empowered to ask for more, get to the next level in their career. So far, we’ve helped women get as much as 20K on their base salary or significantly improve their equity package. I recommend signing up for this service at the beginning of your search because a successful negotiation really starts with the second that you start speaking to the company and can also just go a lot further if you really are clear on your goals from the start.

Like I mentioned before, we do offer benchmarking. Let’s say you’re at the end of your search, you have an offer from a company and you just want to know how much room is there on this offer. We can help you with that so when signing up for the network on the website, you can express interest and we will reach out with more details.

And last but not least, our new podcast. The 18 Cents podcast tells the story of influential women leaders with the goal of inspiring other women to grow into technical leadership roles. We’re currently recording these. I just shared a sneak preview of the intro video. This podcast is a great way to grow your social media brand, practice public speaking, or tell your unique story. I’m excited for this to come out in a couple months. And that’s it for my intro.

We have a short amount of time today. I’d love to connect with you. Also, feel free to add me on LinkedIn, sign up for the network. I’ll be speaking later today at the employer booth from 12 to 1 as well as hosting a session on landing leadership roles, negotiating at startups at 2PM. I’m happy to answer any questions on services right now with the last couple minutes. Also, Mariella, who’s on my team noted we’re offering a 20% discount for girl geeks on negotiation services. Email us at info@18cpartners for more info on that.

I’m going to offer up any questions here. It looks like we have a few. Are you open to hire entry level engineers? We do have one client that is working on some roles with front-end engineers with two years of experience or more, so not quite at the entry level yet, or intern level, but two years of industry experience. If you do want help in how to find internship roles, feel free to email us at info@18cpartners and I can forward you some resources.

Other questions? Are you open for non-engineering roles? Yes. In some cases the companies that we work with do have non-engineering roles. We do active sourcing for engineering women, specifically leaders. But if you do want us to include your resume in our database, feel free to email us and we can work on that for you.

Okay. Just looking through questions. That’s right. The two years of experience position is not on the website, but feel free to email me and I will add another general posting later today.

What is the difference between positions in Series C and seed? Really good question. Usually the size of the company and the funding amount, but I can cover that question later today at 2PM or in the booth, if you want to stop by for that.


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