ELEVATE 2024 Career Fair Kickoff – Employer Intro – Opendoor (Video + Transcript)

March 22, 2024

Watch the employer intro from Opendoor’s Head of Product Design Evie Alexander, Senior Engineering Manager Griselle Ong, and Area Construction Manager Cynthia Herriott at ELEVATE 2024!


Watch the Opendoor intro
 from Head of Product Design Evie Alexander, Senior Engineering Manager Griselle Ong, and Area Construction Manager Cynthia Herriott – and IWD2024 keynote from CTO Raji Subramanian with VP Merav Bloch!


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Evie Alexander: Hi everyone, so great to be here today. Very excited to be at a Girl Geek conference and talk with all of you.

My name is Evie, I’m the head of design for all of Opendoor, and I’m also the leader of our consumer products organization. And so what exactly does that mean? That’s a lot. I like to break it down into two teams at Opendoor, kind of two big internal teams in two categories.

One is consumer, and the consumer org is a team that makes all of the products that our customers use, and our goal with this part of the organization is to offer a simple and certain experience for our sellers and buyers to be able to explore their options and transact, as well as be able to really grow our business through solving customer problems first and foremost and so really customer minded and research oriented.

Our teams within consumer do a lot of zero to one research and product work to help us get there to make sure that we’re solving those problems and growing the business.

The second bucket I think of is operations. And obviously with that simple and certain experience I just talked about for customers, we have actually a lot of complexities of real estate that don’t go away.

We want to offer a simple experience for customers, but then on our end, we have to do a lot of work, there’s a lot of internal tools and complicated workflows that we work through.

Our engineering, product and design teams are focused on creating ops tools to help to streamline the process and make sure that we have the right things in place to support the end customer experience. This requires a lot of really deep thinking and complex workflows.

As far as why it’s a great time to be at Opendoor, one of my favorite things is that no matter where you are at Opendoor, no matter what function you’re in or what team you’re on, if there’s always room to have impact. We have really small teams who are focused on big problems, and the real estate industry is just so ripe for change, and so there’s no shortage of ways to grow and be able to see results with your work.

What we look for and value in candidates, we’re always on the lookout for people who love to solve complex problems and are excited to talk with customers and really get in the weeds, get in the details, and find ways that we can build the most impactful solutions. Please talk with our recruiting team and we’ll share some of the roles that we have open. Now, I’m going to go ahead and hand it off to Griselle.

Griselle Astrid Ong: Thanks, Evie. Hi everyone. I’m really excited to be here as well. I’m Griselle, I’m an engineering manager here at Opendoor, working with multiple teams across our consumer organization.

Our consumer organization, as Evie touched on earlier, we are building products and experiences that help people buy and sell homes with a peace of mind. And right now we are hyper-focused on meeting customers where they are, meaning we’re building personalized experiences and unique products that help people sell their homes no matter when, where, or how they want to sell.

This is a very tough product and design problem, but even from a technology standpoint, this really requires a very disciplined and highly maintainable architecture so we can handle all that complexity.

We’re building products today using the domain-driven design principles, flexible UI design system, and a lot of other technologies to help ensure that our products will scale going forward. The products we’re building today, I’m really excited about them, they’re going to be a real estate industry game changer, and I’m excited about all the progress we’ve made so far.

I’m also really excited about our use of artificial intelligence, not just within the consumer organization, but really all across the company. For Opendoor, AI is not just a gimmick, it really is a game changer for us in creating value for our customers, whether it’s in improving customer engagement, customer communication, or just improving our operations as a whole.

In terms of the engineering culture here, I’m really, really proud to be a part of this org. I work with really smart people day in and day out. I learn from them whether they’ve been an engineer for two years or 12 years, and at the same time, everyone’s super collaborative, everyone’s really humble, willing to jump in and help everyone work with our design, product and operations counterparts to solve problems for our customers.

I’m also super excited that we are expanding our team in India. I know India is a huge tech hub, there’s a lot of talent there, and we already have a lot of colleagues based in India who are helping shape the future of technology here at Opendoor.

I’m really excited to meet more folks in India and have them join our team. In terms of what we look for in our teammates, for me there are two important things.

ELEVATE March Employer Introductions Opendoor Evie Alexander Griselle Ong Cynthia Herriott

One is being very customer-centric. Everything that we build here, whether it’s a scalable backend, a new pricing model, or really nice UI, this is all ultimately for the customer. So having the customer in mind is super important.

And then the other thing is just having a great sense of ownership. Here at Opendoor, there’s a lot of problems to solve and we really expect everyone to be proactive in finding those problems, finding out the proper solutions and working with everyone as a team. Really excited for all of you to learn more about Opendoor, definitely check us out during the recruiting sessions and I’ll hand it off to Cynthia.

Cynthia Herriott: Hi everyone, I’m Cynthia Herriott. I am an area manager here in Atlanta, Georgia. My team is a mashup of construction, project management, troubleshooters and magicians. We are possibly the only in-person individuals that will meet with a seller or a buyer.

We are a customer service driven team and we’re passionate about the seamless i-buying experience. Our company and culture, it’s the best. We build openness, we love the color blue. What could be better?

We are a team that has the pleasure of experiencing the retool and tooling of our software that happens on a perpetual basis.

Our customers create a scheduled assessment with us and then our HPM team, home project managers, go out and walk the seller through their home, we take photos, a final offer is created. And once we acquire the home, that same project manager goes into the home and manages the renovation. We also assist on the buyer side by managing the home throughout the resale.

We are looking for curious spirits that are change-driven, that is the best way that I could describe one of my teammates. Our initiative constantly evolves based on our market, and our software does the same.

An ideal team player enjoys a challenge. Thank you for joining. Please make sure to stop by our recruiting booth and learn more about our roles and speak with some of our team members. Thank you all so much.


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