Mentorship Lounge – ELEVATE (September 6, 2023)

August 23, 2023
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Join the Mentorship Lounge for MENTORS (8AM – 9AM PDT, September 6, 2023) – It’s FREE to register for ELEVATE virtual Conference & Career Fair so RSVP now for your spot at the table!

Table #1: Engineering Management – Mentors
Table #2: Eng Growth As Individual Contributor – Mentors
Table #3: Product Management – Mentors
Table #4: Non-Coding Roles in Tech – Mentors
Table #5: Career Development / Promotion – Mentors
Table #6: Leadership / Building Good Networks – Mentors
Table #7: Managing Your Career – Mentors
Table #8: HealthTech / Biotech / Medtech – Mentors
Table #9: Cybersecurity & AI – Mentors
Table #10: Career Search / Interviewing – Mentors

Table #1 – Engineering Management – Mentors:

Table Topics: Engineering Leadership, Negotiation, Transitioning to a Manager Role, 1:1s, Career Management, Career Transitions, Management & Leadership, Promotion, Breadth vs Depth, Networking, Managing One’s Career

Elevate Mentor Table Engineering Management Dominique Simoneau Ritchie Madhuparna Datta Megha Krishnamurthy Nono Guimbi

Eng Mgmt Mentors: Dominique Simoneau-Ritchie (CTO, Affinity), Madhuparna Datta (Application Engineer Architect, Cadence Design Systems), Megha Krishnamurthy (Senior Engineering Manager, Adobe), Nono Guimbi (Engineering Manager, Airbnb)

Table #2 – Eng Growth As Individual Contributor (IC) – Mentors:

Table Topics: Making Technology Platform Switches, Mobile Platform, Growing On IC Career Track, A/B Testing & Experimentation, Front End Engineering (Angular / React), How To Tech Lead Efficiently, Handling Conflict, How To Work Cross Functionally, Backend, Web Development, Neurodivergence, Self Care

Elevate Mentor Table Eng Growth As IC Cheryl Aranha Devin Nicholson Gulbaniz Ahmadova Jenna Cooke

Eng Grow As IC Mentors: Cheryl Aranha (Principal Software Engineer, Intuit), Devin Nicholson (Senior Full Stack Engineer, BILL), Gulbaniz Ahmadova (Software Engineer, Per Scholas), Jenna Cooke (Senior Developer, Referoo)

Table #3 – Product Management – Mentors:

Table Topics: Product Leadership, Transition to Product Management, Time Management, Stakeholder Management, Product Management, Career Strategy, Career Planning, Interview Preparation, Positioning for Success, Executive Presence, Career Transitions, Layoffs

Elevate Mentor Table Product Management Angela Yee Chinmayee Rathi Sheenam Maheshwari Tracy Taylor

Product Management Mentors: Angela Yee (Product & Leadership Coach, Consultant), Chinmayee Rathi (Senior Product Manager, Box), Sheenam Maheshwari (Senior Product Manager, Google), Tracy Taylor (Head of Product, Shelf)

Table #4 – Non-Coding Roles In Tech – Mentors:

Table Topics: Legal & Tech, Returning To Higher Education, Mental Health, DEI, Ops, Emotional Regulation, Communication Skills, Startups, Product Design, Design Careers With Non-Design Background, Latinas in Tech, Sales, Marketing, Community, Customer

Elevate Mentor Table Non Coding Roles in Tech Jenny Jennings Lucy Jia Chen Olivia Ouyang Paola Johnson

Non-Coding Roles in Tech Mentors: Jenny Jennings (Commercial Counsel, Twilio), Lucy Chen (Head of Education & Fulfillment, Curious Cardinals), Olivia Ouyang (Product Designer, Finix), Paola Johnson (Director, Community & Customer Advocacy, ThoughtSpot)

Table #5 – Career Development / Promotion – Mentors:

Table Topics: Navigating Workplace Environments, Asking For Promotions, Technical Topics, Career Pivots, Negotiation, Building Your Brand, Elevating The Narrative, Storytelling, Career Trajectory, Negotiating Salary / Promotions, Career Progression, Startup Growth / Sales

Elevate Mentor Table Career Development Promotion Allison Colyer Karin Williams Neha Srivastava Paula Bejarano

Career Development / Promotion Mentors: Allison Colyer (Software Engineer, Top Hat), Karin Williams (Director, Risk Strategy, BILL), Neha Srivastava (Senior Software Engineer, Attentive), Paula Bejarano (Director, Business Development – Autonomous Vehicles Navistar)

Table #6 – Leadership / Building Good Networks – Mentors:

Table Topics: Project / Program / Portfolio Management, Building Good Networks, Glass Ceilings / Cliffs, Building Trust With Your Manager, Career Planning, Promotion, Networking, Career Transitions, Leadership, Executive Presence, Office Politics, Continuous Education, Supporting Teammates, Inclusivity, Embracing Technology

Elevate Mentor Table Leadership Building Good Networks Gayathri Kamath Karen Ko Madhavi Bhasin Nahla El Helbawi

Leadership / Building Good Networks Mentors: Gayathri Kamath (Staff Program Manager, Fastly), Karen Ko (Managing Director, WEST Diversity & Inclusion), Madhavi Basin (VP, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging, Okta), Nahla El Helbawi (Asst. Director Web Academic Content Management, American University in Cairo)

Table #7 – Managing Your Career – Mentors:

Table Topics: Communications, Early Career Exploration, Taking Chances, Decision Making, E-Commerce, Digital Media, Networking / Growing Your Career, Identifying Mentors & Sponsors, Tips & Traits For a Good Leader / Manager, Career Development, Building Skills, Management & Leadership, How To Overcome Blockers.

Elevate Mentor Table Managing Your Career Caitlin Anderson Eiman Hassan Mackenzie Hartmann Radha Ranganathan

Managing Your Career Mentors: Caitlin Anderson (Senior Manager, Internal Communications, Autodesk), Eiman Hassan (VP, Program Operations, Alphawave Semi), Mackenzie Hartmann (Manager, Campaign & Creative Management, Amazon Ads), Radha Ranganathan (Engineering Manager, Human Interest)

Table #8 – Healthtech / Biotech / Medtech – Mentors:

Table Topics: Navigating Career Transitions, Overcoming Imposter Syndrome, Startups, Clinical Trials, Sports, Nutrition, Medical Devices, Healthcare, Science, Medtech, Navigating Politics, Presentation Skills, Communications, Influence, Business Partnership, Financial Acumen, Business Acumen, HealthTech, Product Management, Tips for International Students, Biomedical Engineering & Research

Elevate Mentor Table HealthTech BioTech MedTech Abigail Stack Emily Hu Lydia Wheeler Madhumita Srikanth

HealthTech / Biotech / Medtech Mentors: Abigail Stack (Genotyping Innovation & Technology Lead, Bayer), Emily Hu (Senior Director of Clinical Trials, Unilever), Lydia Wheeler (America Commercial CFO, Illumina), Madhumita Srikanth (Quality Engineer Product Management Liason, Iridex)

Table #9 – Cybersecurity & AI – Mentors:

Table Topics: Career Pivots, Cybersecurity, Career Paths, Management, Owning & Using Your Diversity, How To Toot Your Own Horn, Networking, Landing a Dream Job, Troubleshooting, Startup Life, Stepping Into Leadership Roles

Elevate Mentor Table Cybersecurity AI Dipti Shiralkar Irene Murray Jennifer Pisansky Saskia Hoffmann

Cybersecurity & AI Mentors: Dipti Shiralkar (Principal Software Engineer, Okta), Irene Murray (VP, Sales Engineering, KnowBe4), Jennifer Pisansky (Recruiter, Anthropic), Saskia Hoffmann (CEO & Founder, Stealth Cybersecurity Startup)

Table #10 – Career Search / Interviewing – Mentors:

Elevate Mentor Table Career Search Interviewing Anran Li Juliana Almeida Meighan Agosta Nic Amos

Table Topics: Career Development, Technical Interviewing, Resume & Job Application, Web Services & Backend Engineering, Game Development, Individual Contributor vs. Management Track, Finding a Mentor, Career Switching, Career Transitions, Interviewing, Edtech, Tech, UX, UX Research, Career Search Tips (AI Tools)

Career Search / Interviewing Mentors: Anran Li (Engineering Manager, Riot Games), Juliana Almeida (Software Engineer), Meighan Agosta (Career Coach / UX Researcher), Nic Amos (Product Manager Leader, Kohl’s)

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The virtual Mentorship Lounge will be open for one hour during ELEVATE, 8AM – 9AM PDT, on September 6th, 2023. The 10 tables will each be open to up to 30 participants. Attendees can hop between tables freely throughout the hour, so you’ll have the opportunity to meet as many of our 40 Mentors as you’d like! (Camera on or off, your call!)

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