Emily Hu

Emily Hu is a Clinical Operations expert and biomedical engineer with over 15 years of working in medical device clinical development. She has developed and conducted clinical studies for class 2 and 3 medical devices at companies ranging from start-ups to larger corporations, such as Roche and Verily (formerly known as Google Life Sciences). In addition, Emily has conducted human subject research in the health, fitness, and nutraceutical space.

When Emily isn’t at her desk crunching data or at clinics monitoring studies, she can be found at her second job, in the gym, competing as a world record breaking powerlifter. Her journey into fitness began at age 30, which is considered late for an athlete, after experiencing the detrimental effects of sitting at a desk all day. To this date, she’s broken 4 all time world records with her heaviest bench being 407 lbs in the 132 lb. weight class.

From her obsession to decipher optimal performance, and the plethora of knowledge she has absorbed over the years as a world class athlete, Emily recently published a book “The Smart Simple Guide to a Better Physique: Fitness, Strength Training, and Nutrition Lessons from a Professional Athlete and Biomedical Engineer” to help other busy professionals quickly and safely develop confidence and results in the gym.