Dominique Simoneau-Ritchie

Dominique has over 20 years of experience as an engineer in the tech industry, and she has built and led engineering teams at Shopify, Lever, Wealthsimple, IBM, and BlackBerry. She has a passion for building high-quality, resilient software that scales, and as such, she has rebuilt platforms and APIs from the ground up at all of these companies. She launched the first BlackBerry 10 device on QNX and then adapted what was built to QNX Car for millions of drivers to enjoy. She was among the first to create GraphQL APIs for Shopify’s product and partners and enhanced Lever’s platform to increase the number of integrations by over 500% to almost 300. She loves to use mentorship sessions to work through anything that’s top of mind for you: career goals, opportunities, challenges and to develop specific skills. She uses a mix of coaching and mentorship to help you define actionable next steps, and when appropriate share frameworks and templates she used to provide you with a starting point.



Effective Tech Leads Empower Developers to Ship Projects Faster with Higher Quality

A technical project lead is in the unique position to scope projects for making progress against technology investments and technical debt, as well as increasing the effectiveness of every developer on the team. In this ELEVATE session, Dominique Simoneau-Ritchie (Chief Technology Officer at Affinity) will share proven techniques to set up projects in such a way that everyone on your team ships with high confidence and quality. She will talk about establishing the automated testing frameworks, data, and examples required to make it mandatory to add automated tests as part of every code change. She will also talk about how to ensure all developers have quick feedback loops to implement and test their changes, and prioritize technical debt and defects that will cause slow downs and problems later. To make progress against your engineering goals, ensure projects are built according to areas you’re investing in (e.g. converting code to TypeScript, adopting React and GraphQL, leveraging new frameworks, etc.)