Nono Guimbi

Nono is an Engineering Manager, a Leadership Coach, and a mentor. Throughout her career, she has gained experience in companies of various sizes and stages, working with teams of different structures and sizes. She has also navigated through reorganizations, ambiguity, uncertainty, and doubts, developing the skills to overcome challenges during difficult times.

As an Engineering Manager, her objective is to design a positive experience for her team within the company and support career growth. She is dedicated to providing guidance and resources to help her team smoothly deliver features and contribute to the company’s goals.

Here are a few areas of expertise where Nono can provide support:

– Successfully transitioning to the Manager role

– Facilitating productive 1:1s

– Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

– Leading with authenticity

– Building teams from scratch

– Establishing trust with partners

– Managing performance improvement plans (PIP) for individuals

– Finding new job opportunities in the Tech industry

– Managing unhappy teams or addressing attrition

– Improving your relationship with your manager.

Throughout her journey, she has been fortunate to work with exceptional managers who have shaped and inspired her to become the Engineering Manager she is today. It took her a decade to discover her identity, strengths, and leadership style, and now she knows better how to show up to her team and to the world.