Elevate 2021 Conference – Video Replays

March 26, 2021

Our 4th annual Elevate virtual conference hosted over 4,000 around the world—the largest gathering yet of mid-to-senior women in tech celebrating International Women’s Day.

We hosted 26 speakers across 17 sessions – scroll down to watch (or re-watch) their talks:

Anu Bharadwaj, VP of Product at Atlassian, in her morning keynote shares tips like leading with your strengths and how to find resilience.

Faylene Bell, Director of Digital Marketing at Nvidia, talks about extending opportunities in digital marketing to drive growth for technology leaders.

Kat Chiluiza, UX Researcher at Google, shares tips to empower folks on how to advocate for more inclusivity at their job. With real world examples, she will discuss dos/don’ts for research surveys or interviews.

Amy Quispe, Julie Meloni, Elizabeth Schweinsberg, and Gina Maini, Four Engineers at U.S. Digital Service, discuss solving gnarly problems in government tech, and how they are using their skills to improve government services and benefits for all Americans.

Ashley Pilipiszyn, Technical Director at OpenAI, discusses how prompt design and engineering works to build a variety of GPT-3-powered applications. Check out her final slide in her talk for her contact info to request access to the GPT-3 API to build your own!

Dimah Zaidalkilani, Director of Product at GitHub, shares her journey from Palestine to Microsoft Product Management: accessing resources to learn how to interview, to overcoming imposter syndrome, with the support of allies. She chats with Iliana Montauk, CEO & Co-Founder at Manara, on elevating engineers in emerging markets.

Ashley Dudgeon, VP of Engineering at Salesforce, shares stories climbing the ladder at Salesforce, and navigating two maternity leaves. Hear advice on decision-making in the face of career challenges, and negotiating for impactful projects to secure career growth.

Amrisha Sinha, Infrastructure Engineering Team Lead at MaestroQA, covers 5 DevOps insights that are essential for engineering managers to know to unlock their true potential.

Sukrutha Bhadouria, Director of Engineering at Salesforce, Elaine Zhou, CTO at Change.org, Tina Huang, CTO & Founder at Transposit, Rachana Kumar, VP of Engineering at Etsy discuss building high-performance teams in a pandemic.

Swati Raju, Head of Confluence Experience Engineering at Atlassian, shares her learnings on Confluence Cloud of building a reliability habit in the team, treating reliability front and center in team processes, tools, and decisions.

Tracy Stampfli, Senior Staff Engineer at Slack, talks about modernizing and refactoring code, with lessons drawn from an overhaul of the mobile codebases at Slack.

Nicole Salzman Page, Product Manager at Zumba, shares her new communications strategy for staying aligned with Engineering, Executives and Business Stakeholders to release products faster while working from home.

Kellee Van Horne, Director of Client Success at Affirm, shares guidance on career moves, from choosing your boss and reporting chain carefully, to prioritizing roles where you have a differentiating skill or area of expertise.

Vrushali Paunikar, VP of Product at Carta, talks candidly about her own career journey and why a problem-oriented mindset has been such an important tenet. She shares her problem-solving flywheel framework.

Hema Chamraj, Director of Technology Advocacy at Intel AI, talks about responsible considerations to address limitations presented by AI in healthcare and drive better patient outcomes for all.

Suzanna Khatchatrian, Senior Engineering Manager, Product Security at Slack, covers several best practices and explores how Slack’s Product Security team collaborates with other Engineering teams.

Dessa discusses her viral hit “Who’s Yellen Now — a 90-second Hamilton-inspired send-up to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen — one part biography, one part brag rap. She talks about her creative writing process and what she’s up to.

Special Thank You To Elevate 2021 Sponsoring Companies

Thank you to the great folks at AtlassianSlackOpenAIU.S. Digital ServiceCartaSalesforce,Intel AIJohnson & JohnsonMaestroQA and Amazon Web Services for supporting Girl Geek X: Elevate 2021 virtual conference!

Don’t forget to check out their jobs—they are actively hiring!

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