Faylene Bell

Faylene Bell is a Senior executive in digital marketing and product management with impacting roles in advertising, financial services, telecom and high-tech industries. Specialties include digital and product strategy, agency consulting, social media marketing and agile development.

Her ability to create performance-based strategies, effectively manage teams and aggressively implement and execute programs has reaped enormous rewards for organizations and clients. She has worked with leading corporations such as Nvidia, AT&T, Digitas, American Express, American Cancer Society and Fiserv.

In her current role as Director of Digital Marketing Platform Operations at Nvidia, Faylene provides global leadership on web technology, ecommerce, personalization, and new digital experiences.

Having been successful in transferring her marketing skills across multiple industries and geographic locations, proves she has a “Pivot Mindset”. Faylene holds a B.S. in Marketing from Florida State University and a M.B.A. from Roosevelt University.



Delivering a Connected Digital Experience

Faylene Bell (Director of Digital Marketing at Nvidia) talks about extending opportunities in digital marketing to drive growth for technology leaders.