Swati Raju

Swati is Head of Confluence Engineering at Atlassian. She joined Atlassian an engineering manager Prior to Atlassian, she was CTO at Traveling Spoon. Prior to that, she was at Groupon for over five years. She was most recently a senior engineering manager, and started at Groupon as their first female software engineer in the Palo Alto office. She has e authored nine patents in the areas of user interaction and information retrieval, and spoken at several industry conferences on the subject of mobile e-commerce.



Atlassian Coffee Break - Building Resilient Products

Swati Raju (Head of Confluence Experience Engineering at Atlassian) shares her learnings on Confluence Cloud of building a reliability habit in the team. This goes beyond DevOps best practices, and focuses on treating reliability front and center in team processes, tools, and decisions.