Ashley Pilipiszyn

Ashley leads OpenAI’s Developer Ecosystem and Creative Applications Strategy, helping accelerate developers and startups build new applications with positive impact. She also helped lead the launches of OpenAI’s research and commercial products including MuseNet, Jukebox, Rubik’s Cube, Multi-agent, Image GPT, GPT-3 API, CLIP, and DALL-E. Previously, she was with the U.S. Department of Energy SLAC National Accelerator Lab where she led the design, development, and launch of the Grid Resilience & Intelligence Platform (GRIP), which leverages AI to anticipate, absorb, and recover from grid events like wildfires, ice storms, or cyberattacks. She was selected as a World Economic Forum Global Shaper and served on the Advisory Board of the Partnering to Accelerate Sustainable Energy Innovation project. Ashley started a PhD in Management Science & Engineering at Stanford University, and holds a Master’s degree from the Graduate Institute Geneva, and a Bachelor’s degree from Indiana University-Bloomington.



Prompt Design & Engineering for GPT-3

Ashley Pilipiszyn (Technical Director at OpenAI) provides a deep dive into how prompt design and engineering works to build a variety of GPT-3-powered applications.