Julie Meloni

Julie Meloni has spent more than 25 years as a builder of technical
things, a builder of teams, and builder of teams who build technical
things. She has worked in web application development since the
beginning of time, took a break in the aughts to teach undergraduate
courses in writing, literature, and digital technology and culture,
and has also written several introductory-level books on PHP, MySQL,
HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.  But the best job she ever had was with the
United States Digital Service (USDS) from 2016-2018.  After finishing
up that tour of duty as USDS Director of Product Management &
Strategy/Operations, Julie became Head of Engineering & Applied
Science for the US division of Improbable, a London-based company
building distributed simulation technology for planning, training and
decision support. But the call to help out with government services
was strong, and she rejoined USDS as an engineer in October 2020.



The Hardest Job I’ve Ever Loved: Building Solutions with the US Digital Service

At Girl Geek X "Elevate" conference, Julie Meloni (Director of Product Management & Strategy/Operations, USDS) shares her enthusiasm for work being doing for Veterans, immigrants, seniors, and everyone served by the government, and even better — how you can help! She shares opportunities for technologists who might want to do a tour of duty and make a difference in someone else’s life, every day. Created during the Obama administration and still working in the Trump administration, the US Digital Service is a full-stack team trying to build better technology and services in the federal government.

Team U.S.Digital Service: School House Rock Didn’t Prepare Us For This

Engineers Amy Quispe, Julie Meloni, Elizabeth Schweinsberg, and Gina Maini discuss solving gnarly problems in government tech, and how they are using their skills to improve government services and benefits for all Americans.