ELEVATE 2024 Career Fair Kickoff – Employer Intro – Opendoor (Video + Transcript)

Watch the Opendoor intro
 from Head of Product Design Evie Alexander, Senior Engineering Manager Griselle Ong, and Area Construction Manager Cynthia Herriott – and IWD2024 keynote from CTO Raji Subramanian with VP Merav Bloch!


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Evie Alexander: Hi everyone, so great to be here today. Very excited to be at a Girl Geek conference and talk with all of you.

My name is Evie, I’m the head of design for all of Opendoor, and I’m also the leader of our consumer products organization. And so what exactly does that mean? That’s a lot. I like to break it down into two teams at Opendoor, kind of two big internal teams in two categories.

One is consumer, and the consumer org is a team that makes all of the products that our customers use, and our goal with this part of the organization is to offer a simple and certain experience for our sellers and buyers to be able to explore their options and transact, as well as be able to really grow our business through solving customer problems first and foremost and so really customer minded and research oriented.

Our teams within consumer do a lot of zero to one research and product work to help us get there to make sure that we’re solving those problems and growing the business.

The second bucket I think of is operations. And obviously with that simple and certain experience I just talked about for customers, we have actually a lot of complexities of real estate that don’t go away.

We want to offer a simple experience for customers, but then on our end, we have to do a lot of work, there’s a lot of internal tools and complicated workflows that we work through.

Our engineering, product and design teams are focused on creating ops tools to help to streamline the process and make sure that we have the right things in place to support the end customer experience. This requires a lot of really deep thinking and complex workflows.

As far as why it’s a great time to be at Opendoor, one of my favorite things is that no matter where you are at Opendoor, no matter what function you’re in or what team you’re on, if there’s always room to have impact. We have really small teams who are focused on big problems, and the real estate industry is just so ripe for change, and so there’s no shortage of ways to grow and be able to see results with your work.

What we look for and value in candidates, we’re always on the lookout for people who love to solve complex problems and are excited to talk with customers and really get in the weeds, get in the details, and find ways that we can build the most impactful solutions. Please talk with our recruiting team and we’ll share some of the roles that we have open. Now, I’m going to go ahead and hand it off to Griselle.

Griselle Astrid Ong: Thanks, Evie. Hi everyone. I’m really excited to be here as well. I’m Griselle, I’m an engineering manager here at Opendoor, working with multiple teams across our consumer organization.

Our consumer organization, as Evie touched on earlier, we are building products and experiences that help people buy and sell homes with a peace of mind. And right now we are hyper-focused on meeting customers where they are, meaning we’re building personalized experiences and unique products that help people sell their homes no matter when, where, or how they want to sell.

This is a very tough product and design problem, but even from a technology standpoint, this really requires a very disciplined and highly maintainable architecture so we can handle all that complexity.

We’re building products today using the domain-driven design principles, flexible UI design system, and a lot of other technologies to help ensure that our products will scale going forward. The products we’re building today, I’m really excited about them, they’re going to be a real estate industry game changer, and I’m excited about all the progress we’ve made so far.

I’m also really excited about our use of artificial intelligence, not just within the consumer organization, but really all across the company. For Opendoor, AI is not just a gimmick, it really is a game changer for us in creating value for our customers, whether it’s in improving customer engagement, customer communication, or just improving our operations as a whole.

In terms of the engineering culture here, I’m really, really proud to be a part of this org. I work with really smart people day in and day out. I learn from them whether they’ve been an engineer for two years or 12 years, and at the same time, everyone’s super collaborative, everyone’s really humble, willing to jump in and help everyone work with our design, product and operations counterparts to solve problems for our customers.

I’m also super excited that we are expanding our team in India. I know India is a huge tech hub, there’s a lot of talent there, and we already have a lot of colleagues based in India who are helping shape the future of technology here at Opendoor.

I’m really excited to meet more folks in India and have them join our team. In terms of what we look for in our teammates, for me there are two important things.

ELEVATE March Employer Introductions Opendoor Evie Alexander Griselle Ong Cynthia Herriott

One is being very customer-centric. Everything that we build here, whether it’s a scalable backend, a new pricing model, or really nice UI, this is all ultimately for the customer. So having the customer in mind is super important.

And then the other thing is just having a great sense of ownership. Here at Opendoor, there’s a lot of problems to solve and we really expect everyone to be proactive in finding those problems, finding out the proper solutions and working with everyone as a team. Really excited for all of you to learn more about Opendoor, definitely check us out during the recruiting sessions and I’ll hand it off to Cynthia.

Cynthia Herriott: Hi everyone, I’m Cynthia Herriott. I am an area manager here in Atlanta, Georgia. My team is a mashup of construction, project management, troubleshooters and magicians. We are possibly the only in-person individuals that will meet with a seller or a buyer.

We are a customer service driven team and we’re passionate about the seamless i-buying experience. Our company and culture, it’s the best. We build openness, we love the color blue. What could be better?

We are a team that has the pleasure of experiencing the retool and tooling of our software that happens on a perpetual basis.

Our customers create a scheduled assessment with us and then our HPM team, home project managers, go out and walk the seller through their home, we take photos, a final offer is created. And once we acquire the home, that same project manager goes into the home and manages the renovation. We also assist on the buyer side by managing the home throughout the resale.

We are looking for curious spirits that are change-driven, that is the best way that I could describe one of my teammates. Our initiative constantly evolves based on our market, and our software does the same.

An ideal team player enjoys a challenge. Thank you for joining. Please make sure to stop by our recruiting booth and learn more about our roles and speak with some of our team members. Thank you all so much.


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Best of ELEVATE 2024: From Building Your Personal Brand To The Unique Position of Women in Tech to Drive Political Change – And How To Leverage AI For Your Job Search

panel entrepreneurship

The 7th annual Girl Geek X: ELEVATE Conference and Career Fair on March 7-8, 2024 in celebration of International Women’s Day hosted over 2k women & allies globally, with 88% attendees interested in hearing about jobs, 80+ speakers, 40 mentors, 5 employers recruiting at virtual Employer Booths. Help a girl geek land her next job in tech!

Here are the most-watched 10 sessions from ELEVATE 2024 Conference & Career Fair! You can watch (or re-watch) them at the links below:

  1. How To Build Your Personal BrandCorliss Collier (Amazon Head of Product, Research & Science – Amazon Seller Satisfaction & Insights)
  2. Navigating the Engineering Manager Odyssey: Insights from Airbnb, Cash App, Workday – Megha Krishnamurthy (Adobe Senior Engineering Manager), Namrata Ghadi (Workday Senior Engineer & Tech Lead, AI/ML), Nono Guimbi (Airbnb Engineering Manager), Seetha Annamraju (Cash App Engineering Manager), Joya Joseph (Hinge Health Engineering Manager)
  3. Navigating Change & Uncertainty Raji Subramanian (Opendoor Chief Technology Officer)
  4. Decoding What Recruiters Are Looking For In A Resume Nora Hamada (Recruit Rise Founder)
  5. How To Give a $H*T – Drive High Performance & EngagementHannah Hosemann (Affinity Director of Onboarding & Implementation)
  6. Live Lightning Resume Reviews Tal Flanchraych (ApplyAll Founder)
  7. The Unique Position Of Women In Tech To Drive Political ChangeShawna Martell (Carta Senior Staff).
  8. Strategic Interviewing: Pursuing Roles Despite Skill Gaps – Amie Dsouza (Southwest Cybersecurity PM)
  9. How To Leverage AI To Speed Up Your Job Search & Land Your Next Role – Nic Amos (Kohl’s Product Mgr)
  10. Changemakers: Insights From Visionary CEOs & CTOs Shaping Social EntrepreneurshipBaat Enosh (Nia Growth CEO & Co-Founder), Iliana Montauk (Manara CEO & Co-Founder), Pamela Martinez (Snowball Wealth CTO & Co-Founder),  S.K. Lee (Angel Investor).

Thank You To ELEVATE 2024 Supporters – They Are Hiring!

Special thank you to our supporters at 18C, AppFolio, Boomi, Opendoor, and U.S. Digital Service for recruiting from the Girl Geek X community of mid-to-senior level technical women. We can’t wait to help another girl geek get her next job in tech.

Don’t forget to check out featured jobs from 18C, AppFolio, Boomi, Opendoor and U.S. Digital Service.

The conference theme is “Lift As You Climb,” is perfect for celebrating International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month.

Mentors from Amazon, Airbnb, Block, Cadence, DocuSign, Gap, Google, Intuit, Ro, Spryker, U.S. Digital Service, WhatsApp (Meta) & more answered questions and shared career advice with attendees during Mentor Hour!

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Thank you in advance!

Angie Chang, Sukrutha Bhadouria, Amy Weicker, Amanda Beaty and the team at Girl Geek X


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Watch the 10-min intro from 18C’s Founder and CEO Danielle McLaughlin – and her career talk!


Watch the 10-min intro from AppFolio’s Director of Engineering Holly Gardner, QA Engineering manager Susana Rivera, and Product Development Coordination Manager Perla Vidal!


Watch the 10-min intro from Boomi’s Senior Engineering Manager Bindu Mukundan, Principal Software Engineer Nina Francis, and Senior Talent Acquisition Advisor Cole Alfieri – and Boomi’s R&D panel speaking about what they’re working on!


Watch the 10-min intro from Opendoor’s Head of Product Design Evie Alexander, Senior Engineering Manager Griselle Ong, and Area Construction Manager Cynthia Herriott – and IWD2024 keynote from CTO Raji Subramanian with VP Merav Bloch!


Watch the 10-min intro from U.S. Digital Service’s Deputy Director of Talent Management Shavonne Holman and Talent Operations Specialist Mariah Casimir – and USDS’s product manager “inside government” panel and/or product manager panel on public health.


girl geek x elevate x march creative marketing ()
Corliss Collier ELEVATE quote tie your passion to your unique value proposition drive strategy
Raji Subramanian ELEVATE quote important to focus and understand the visible results you are creating
Pooja Shaw ELEVATE quote high profile high visibility high urgency projects improve services priority across federal government
Patricia Moore ELEVATE quote no matter your career path its always like drinking from the firehose
Itir Cole ELEVATE quote we work remotely but we work for the federal government
Susana Rivera ELEVATE quote we can get coaching mentorship and dedicated time that we all call fff future focused fridays
Natalie Lao ELEVATE quote our goal is to reach million girls by and teach them ai and technology development
Danielle McLaughlin ELEVATE quote we do active sourcing for engineering women specifically leaders
Jen McVicker ELEVATE quote google dora devops metrics engineering performance
Chelsea Zhou ELEVATE quote choosing career path starts with deep honest inward assessment of yourself and your motivations
Flora Jha ELEVATE your resume should be ats friendly
Natasha Harpalani ELEVATE always monitor and track progress for any product
Amie Dsouza ELEVATE send a pre read for the job interview to stand out

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This year will be bigger and better than ever! We’ve added:

  • More sponsorship tiers for deeper partnership with companies. We’ve been asked about how to be a PARTNER sponsor, so please check out our new tiers in addition to the standard PRESENTING and BASIC pricing.
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Girl Geek X brings together thousands of women technologists, innovators and tech leaders from around the world to share the latest in tech and leadership with fellow mid-and-senior level professional women.

These virtual conferences and career fairs are FREE for attendees – last year, over 3,000 women signed up to attend – tuning in from 42 countries around the world – to be inspired by speakers on the latest in tech trends and leadership.

Sessions content typically covers the following topics:

  • Lightning Talks – Dive deep into an area that’s unique / critical to your business or role, from engineer to product, from strategy to a lightning tech talk.
  • Technical Skills & Tactics – Tutorials, walkthroughs, or deep dives into a skillset (e.g. technical interviewing) or tactical approach to how you solved a real-world challenge.
  • Learning & Development – Topics include negotiation, mid-career job searches, interviewing tips, managing up, self-awareness, ageism / return to work bias, mental health, etc.

If you can’t click on the button, check out our conference sponsorship prospectus at https://girlgeek.io/wp-content/uploads/2023/12/Girl-Geek-X-ELEVATE-Conference-Career-Fair-Sponsorship-Prospectus-2024.pdf

Call for Proposals – Speaker Submissions for Girl Geek X virtual events in 2024!

We are currently seeking speaker proposals for virtual ELEVATE Conference & Career Fair!

Girl Geek X invites women technologists, innovators and tech leaders from around the world to apply to speak and share the latest in tech and leadership with fellow mid-and-senior level women in technology!

Work on a unique technical project or have interesting insights you’d love to share? We want to hear from you! Both first-time and experienced speakers are welcome to apply. 

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Why speak?

  • Share the technology you’re working on and tough problems you’re solving.
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  • Discuss what you’ve learned the hard way so that other women can more easily navigate their own careers — your talk will reach thousands of viewers!
  • Highlight issues unique to women in technology/leadership, and issues you’ve experienced or are passionate about.
  • Connect with other great women leaders, peers and mentors.
  • Elevating other women is a fun and rewarding experience.

Topics we are excited to hear about:

  • Technical interviewing for leadership roles (director and up) and individual contributors (ICs) from staff and up
  • Mid-to-senior-career transitions – technical interview prep / restarting after a hiatus / switching fields mid-career
  • AI – AI for job search / AI for good / prompt engineering
  • Infosec – cybersecurity
  • Data – how to implement a data strategy / data trends
  • Future of work – emerging skills / emerging fields / trends & predictions
  • Supply chain – logistics / AI / autonomous transport
  • Health & Environment – combating climate change / trending health issues / healthtech
  • Preventing Bias – algorithmic, hiring / retention / promotion / dealing with ageism
  • Conflict management – navigating hierarchy / office politics / people / transcending differences
  • Personal development – courage / vulnerability / identifying & preventing burnout
  • Networking – networking skills + tips / maintaining connections long-term / getting a referral without a network
  • Negotiation – pay / severance / understanding options and equity
  • Finance – investing / real estate / fintech / crypto
  • DEI – working in DEI roles / building inclusive teams / fostering a psychologically safe culture
  • Pride – transitioning at work / making LGBTQIA+ folks feel welcome + considered, building inclusive teams / leveraging allyship
  • Etc, etc – tell us what you are excited to geek out about in 2024!
  • Submit your talk proposal here!

What are previous Girl Geek X sessions rated highly by attendees?

How to write a speaker submission, from our friends at Autodesk:

Speaker Bio Template:

[name] is [job title] at [company]. In this role, she is responsible for [key activities]. Previously, she was [role] at [company] -OR- She has worked in this industry for [number of years]. She is passionate about [what motivates you]. She volunteers / leads [organizations and/or employee resource groups]. She studied [focus area] at [school].

Talk Title / Abstract Tips:

There are three parts to writing a talk title and abstract. Structure your thoughts around them to tell a short and complete story.

  1. Talk Title – Keep it simple and straightforward. Use terms that others might use to search for it.
  2. Problem Statement – Explain briefly the challenge you will help others address and the different perspective or experience that you can share with them.
  3. Benefits / Takeaways – Tell others clearly how they will benefit by spending time with you (e.g. the insights or skills they will learn). This can be a simple list of takeaways for conference attendees.

Please see our 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, and 2018 conference websites to be check out previous speakers and sponsors. You can always find our videos at the Girl Geek X YouTube channel, podcasts at Spotify, and social on Instagram and updates at LinkedIn.


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Angie Chang speaking

Speaker Angie Chang is CEO and Founder at Girl Geek X (formerly Bay Area Girl Geek Dinners), a growing community of 40,000+ mid-to-senior level women in technology. Girl Geek X works with mission-aligned companies to help them engage, hire and retain women and non-binary leaders & technologists via custom recruiting events. Over the past decade, we have partnered with hundreds of the world’s most innovative tech and consumer brands (PayPal, Etsy, Tesla, Adobe, Meta, Microsoft, Netflix and more) to host more than 400 events in the San Francisco Bay area, and virtual events for over 20,000 attendees — creating opportunities for more than 2,000 women to take the mic and share their thought leadership and expertise as speakers.

Prior to Girl Geek X, Angie was VP of Strategic Partnerships at Hackbright Academy, a women’s engineering school for female software engineers. Angie led partnerships with employers at Hackbright, where she built valuable hiring partnerships (Uber, Slack, GoDaddy, Redfin, Indiegogo and more), launched the mentorship program (enlisting 700+ industry engineers as volunteers in 4 years) and connected countless women to new jobs in tech. She also co-founded Women 2.0 in 2006, a media company which promotes women in high-tech entrepreneurship. She was named in Fast Company’s 2010 “Most Influential Women in Technology”​ and more recently Business Insider named her one of “30 Most Important Women Under 30 In Tech.”

Angie has been invited by the U.S. State Department to speak on women’s high-tech, high-growth entrepreneurship in the West Bank, Switzerland and Germany. In her early career, Angie held positions in product management and web/UI production at various Silicon Valley startups. She holds a B.A. in English and Social Welfare from UC Berkeley.

Email speakers@girlgeek.io to learn more about having Angie Chang speak to your organization or group in 2024!

Select speaking engagements:

** Disney (Asia-Pacific, Virtual)
** Roblox (San Mateo, California)
** Google – Girl Geek Dinner (w/ U.S. Consulate General in Zurich, Switzerland)
** Microsoft – Build (Seattle, Washington)
** PASS Summit – Lunch Keynote (Seattle, Washington)
** Salesforce – Dreamforce (San Francisco, California)
** TEDxUIUC (Chicago, Illinois)
** European Innovation Academy (Nice, France)
** Jumpp & Techettes (w/ U.S. Consulate in Frankfurt, Germany)
** University of Auckland – Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (Auckland, New Zealand)
** Palestinian universities & hubs (w/ U.S. Consulate in Jerusalem & occupied Palestinian territories)
** Private, Corporate Exec/Team Meetings (various)
+ more.

Speaker delivered on:
** APAC: Rewire Your Confidence Mindset
** From Boba Barista (And Web Designer) To Serial Entrepreneur
** Cutting The #8 Wire Mentality: Lessons From Silicon Valley
** How To Ask For What You Want And Need
** Free-of-Charge Marketing Channels and Tools for Early-Stage Startups
** Moving. Mindsets on Gender Diversity
** It’s Not Rocket Science: Practical Interventions for Increasing Diversity
** Building A Startup Ecosystem

** Angie Chang Featured in “Voices for Change” for Women’s History Month (📺 KTVU FOX 2 News – March 26, 2023)
** Women in Tech: Take Your Career to the Next Level with Practical Advice and Inspiring Stories (📚 Amazon – March 29, 2016)
** Angie Chang Featured In “Influencers Aren’t Born, They’re Built — Here’s How” (📖 First Round Review – August 20, 2015)

Email speakers@girlgeek.io to learn more about having Angie Chang speak to your organization or group in 2024!

Meet your MENTORS in the Virtual Mentorship Lounge 8am-9am (PT) on March 8 – Celebrate Int’l Women’s Day at ELEVATE Conference!

colorful elevate mar mentorship lounge mentors

Table #1 – Engineering Leadership – Mentors:

Elevate Mentor Table Julia Hu Madison Capps Sonia Ramnani Vandana Kulkarni

Engineering Leadership Mentors: Julia Hu (Director of Engineering), Madison Capps (Engineering Manager, Infrastructure, Airbnb), Sonia Ramnani (Head of Engineering, Amazon Web Services), Vandana Kulkarni (Director of Platform Engineering, CyberTech Systems & Software Ltd)

Table Topics: Engineering Leadership, Career Path/Promotion, Negotiating Total Compensation, Transitioning to Management, Delivering Feedback, Build vs Buy Evaluations & Decision-Making, Creating Compelling Project Proposals, Creating Culture, Managing Up (Managing Your Manager) Career Growth/Development, Empowerment, Software Engineering, Product Development

Table #2 – IC Engineering Career Growth – Mentors:

IC Engineering Career Growth Mentors: Adesola Ajayi (Senior Systems Engineer, BIS), Anjali Gupta (Network Engineer II, TELUS), Cheryl Aranha (Principal Software Engineer, Intuit), Devin Nicholson (Senior Full Stack Software Engineer, BILL)

Elevate Mentor Table Adesola Ajayi Anjali Gupta Cheryl Aranha Devin Nicholson

IC Engineering Career Growth Mentors: Adesola Ajayi (Senior Systems Engineer, BIS), Anjali Gupta (Network Engineer II, TELUS), Cheryl Aranha (Principal Software Engineer, Intuit), Devin Nicholson (Senior Full Stack Software Engineer, BILL)

Table Topics: Navigating Your Niche, Advancing Your Career in Tech, Mobile, IC Career Growth, Leadership, Growth, Manager Discussions, Interviewing, Overcoming Barriers, Cross-Functional Communication, Code Reviewing, Web Development, Backend Development, Moms in Tech

Table #3 – Strategy & Business Career Growth – Mentors:

Elevate Mentor Table Anh Tran Benita Bankson Joyce Chuang Sandra Chen

Strategy & Business Career Growth Mentors: Anh Tran (Strategy Consultant, PwC Strategy), Benita Bankson (Senior Director, PMO / Portfolio / Workforce Experience, Gap), Joyce Chuang (Senior Director, Marketing, North America, DocuSign), Sandra Chen (Senior Manager, Global Supply Chain, Block)

Table Topics: MBA, Consulting, Banking, Running A $100M Portfolio, Demand Gen, Lifecycle Marketing, Regional / Field Marketing, Campaigns, Growth Marketing, Career Development, Professional Development, First-Time Manager, Transitioning From Technical To Business Roles, Women in Leadership, How To Apply Craft To Solve Ambiguous Problems, Managing Remote / Distributed Teams, Self-Funding Advanced Studies While Balancing Job Function, Supply Chain / Operations Management

Table #4 – Product Management Career Growth – Mentors:

Elevate Mentor Table Anuja More Deep Rastogi Elena Leonova Ira Patnaik Renee Ya

Product Management Career Growth Mentors: Anuja More (Product Marketing Manager Lead, Meta), Deep Rastogi (Product Manager), Elena Leonova (Senior Vice President, Spryker), Ira Patnaik (Vice President, Product Management, Ro), Renee Ya (Senior Product Manager, GlobalComix)

Table Topics: Leadership, Product Management, Transition From Engineer To Product, Imposter Syndrome, Mid-Career Change, Career Development, Offer Negotiation, Consumer Growth Best Practices, Hypothesis Driven Thinking, Data Skills, Influence, Health Tech, Management Challenges, PM-ing International Products, Monetization, Game Development

Table #5 – Project / Program Manager Career Growth – Mentors:

Elevate Mentor Table Carla Sexton Carrie Browde Elena Ringseis

Project / Program Manager Career Growth Mentors: Carla Sexton (Electronic Health Record Interoperability & Exposure Project Manager III, T-Rex Solutions), Carrie Browde (Learning Services Program manager, Google Cloud), Elena Ringseis (Senior Design Program Manager), ()

Table Topics: Personal & Professional Goals, Career Transition, ADHD / Neurodiversity, Imposter Syndrome, Early Career Advice, How UX Design & Eng Can Work Better Together, Balancing Career & Family, Managing Up / Managing Through Influence, Networking In An Authentic Way, How To Get Started In Design Ops

Table #6 – Product / UX Design Career Growth – Mentors:

Elevate Mentor Table Deanna Alcorn Gizem Kaymakci Olivia Ouyang Wafaa Sabil

Product / UX Design Career Growth Mentors: Deanna Alcorn (Senior Product Design Manager), Gizem Kaymakçı (Product Designer, Lyrebird Studio), Olivia Ouyang (Product Designer, Finix Payemnts), Wafaa Sabil (Senior UX Designer)

Table Topics: Product Design, Design Management, Career Transitions, Product Design, UX, UX Design, Startup

Table #7 – Career Transitions & Leadership – Mentors:

Elevate Mentor Table Dana Hehl Ei Nyung Choi Maia Jones Mina M

Career Transitions & Leadership Mentors: Dana Hehl (Vice President, Services Delivery, Anvil Secure), Ei-Nyung Choi (Technical Advisor, Fractional CTO, Angel Investor), Maia Jones (Vice President, People, Places & Culture, Alphwave Semi), Mina M. (Director of Sales Engineering)

Table Topics: Career Transitions, Promotions, Leadership Skills, Career Development, First Time Manager, Career Levels, Insider’s Look At Engineering Interviews, Leadership Development, Career Advancement Strategies, How To Find Your Voice, Interview Preparation, Jobs in Cyber, Switching Between Management & IC Engineer

Table #8 – Coaching & Career Growth Mentors:

Elevate Mentor Table Katya Landau Meighan Agosta Rachael Maltiel Swenson Wen Hsu

Coaching & Career Growth Mentors: Katya Landau (Accent Coach for Corporate Professionals & Consultant), Meighan Agosta (Career Coach & UX Researcher, MASI Consulting), Rachael Maltiel Swenson (Analytics & Growth Strategy Consultant, Executive Coach, Arc Growth), Wen Hsu (Coach)

Table Topics: Career Pivots, Building Executive Presence, Combatting Imposter Syndrome, Leading Without Authority, Accents, Public Speaking, Interview Coaching Data-Driven Decision Making, UX / UXR, Networking, Upskilling, Product-Led Growth, Leadership As A Working Mom, Leading With Quiet Strength, Overcoming Layoffs, Surpassing ‘Not-Enoughness’

Table #9 – Mentorship & Growth Mentors:

Elevate Mentor Table Georgiana Haynes Janet Lee Liesel Mendoza Madhuparna Datta

Mentorship & Growth Mentors: Georgiana Haynes (Founder & Architectural Designer, Baus Ladies Network), Janet Lee (Product Marketing Manager, VR, Meta), Liesel Mendoza (Founder & CEO, The Mentoring Club), Madhuparna Datta (AE Director, Cadence Design Systems)

Table Topics: Creating Productive Systems To Increase Output And Focus Without Burnout, Building Confidence To Embrace Authenticity And Hold Your Own In Male-Dominated Environments Without Being Aggressive, Overcoming Challenges, Career Transitions, Getting UnStuck, Product Marketing, Early To Mid Career Transition, Resume / Interview Prep Coaching, Industry Specific Chats (AR/VR/Early-Stage Startups), Leadership, Networking / Relationship-Building, Communication, Bringing Your Authentic Self To Work, Mastering Technical Depth Vs. Breadth, Mind-Mapping Your Career, Art Of Authentic Networking, Mentorship Vs. Sponsorship

Table #10 – United States Digital Service Mentors:

Elevate Mentor Table USDS Jennifer Karen Karin

United States Digital Service Mentors: Jennifer Kramer (Engineering Community Lead, United States Digital Service), Karen Moronski-Chapman (Data Scientist, United States Digital Service), Karin Underwood (Product Manager, United States Digital Service)

Table Topics: Neurodivergence, Interview Preparation, Data Science, Data Strategy, Communication Skills, Handling Conflict, Managing Up, Career Planning, Industry/Company Size Changes, Navigating an IC Promotion Ladder

Jobs from Girl Geek X Partners!

Take a look at these job opportunities from our sponsors and government participants:

👩🏾‍💻 AppFolio 👩‍💻 Boomi 👩🏾‍💻 Opendoor👩🏾‍💻 US Digital Service 👩🏻‍💻 18C

AppFolio (NASDAQ: APPF) is the technology leader powering the future of the real estate industry. Our innovative platform and trusted partnership enable our customers to connect communities, increase operational efficiency, and grow their business. For more information about AppFolio, visit appfolio.com and tune in to the AppFolio employer intro at ELEVATE!


Check out open jobs at AppFolio!

Boomi powers the future of business with intelligent integration and automation. As a category-leading, global software as a service (SaaS) company, Boomi celebrates more than 20,000 global customers and a worldwide network of 800 partners. Organizations turn to Boomi’s award-winning platform to connect their applications, data, and people to accelerate digital transformation. For more information, visit boomi.com and tune in to the Boomi employer intro at ELEVATE!


Check out open jobs at Boomi!

Opendoor’s mission is to power life’s progress, one move at a time. Since 2014, Opendoor has provided people across the U.S. with a simple way to buy and sell a home. We combine advanced engineering, operational excellence and creative technical thinking to deliver the first on-demand home buying and selling experience that’s automated, frictionless and radically simpler for consumers. Tune in to the Opendoor employer intro at ELEVATE!


Check out open jobs at Opendoor!

U.S. Digital Service is a group of mission-driven professionals who are passionate about applying work and lived experiences to public service. We collaborate with public servants throughout the government to address some of the most critical needs and ultimately deliver a better government experience to people. We work across multiple agencies and bring best practices from our various disciplines, which include engineering, product, design, procurement, data science, operations, talent, and communications.

Here at U.S. Digital Service, we are committed to building a workforce that reflects the people we serve. We are curious about understanding the needs of people and are excited to use our short tours of service to make a positive impact. We know that we better serve the public when our staff represents the country’s diversity. Learn more about our application and hiring process at www.usds.gov/apply


Check out open jobs at US Digital Service!

18C Partners is a boutique engineering search firm specializing in connecting exceptional technical women leaders with transformational opportunities. By blending strategic executive recruitment with passionate advocacy, we’re creating more equitable environments at the top companies in tech. Check out 18partners.com and tune in to the 18C employer intro at ELEVATE!


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Rippling is the first way for businesses to manage all of their HR, IT, and Finance — payroll, benefits, expenses, corporate cards, computers, apps, and more — in one unified workforce platform. By connecting every workforce system to a single source of truth for employee data, businesses can automate all of the manual work they normally need to do to make employee changes. Based in San Francisco, CA, Rippling was named one of America’s best startup employers by Forbes (#12 out of 500) and the #1 fastest-growing private company by the San Francisco Business Times.


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GRAMMARLY is trusted by more than 30 million people and 50,000 professional teams worldwide every day to help them ideate, compose, revise, and comprehend communications. Combining advanced machine learning with human expertise, break new ground in natural language processing (NLP) and AI to offer unmatched communication assistance to individuals and enterprises.


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Technovation, UNICEF, Grameen, Google, Girl Geek X, App Inventor Foundation & Patrick J. McGovern Foundation launch The AI Forward Alliance (TAIFA) – Call for MENTORS!

the ai forward alliance or taifa technovation grameen google girl geek x app inventor

Introducing The AI Forward Alliance with Technovation!

The AI Forward Alliance (or “TAIFA”) will equip millions of girls and young women worldwide with cutting-edge tech and AI skills.

Become a Technovation Mentor to support this initiative to empower 25 million girls and young women through AI, coding, and entrepreneurship with Technovation’s educational programming.

TAIFA’s network and community partners include UNICEF and Grameen Foundation India, both of which will extend the initiative’s global reach, powering the Alliance towards its long-term goal of seeing six million young women enter the technology workforce by 2030.

Girl Geek X and the App Inventor Foundation will expand access to mentors, and develop enhanced training materials for educators, respectively.

Google and The Patrick J. McGovern Foundation are TAIFA’s vital funding partners.

For in-depth information about TAIFA, visit the website: technovation.org/taifa


a girl sitting at a table in front of a world view

“Mentors check in with the students via a one- or two-hour online video call once a week,” says Bryant Gomer, Technovation’s senior director of volunteer engagement programmes.

“Outside of that time, they keep in touch via email and WhatsApp. They are volunteering to our students, helping them understand more about technology innovations and bringing their own knowledge and resources to their learning. They are really making a difference.”

The next event on March 12, 2024 in New York, NY:

A World of AI Driven Tech: Addressing a Global Talent Gap

Join Technovation and UNICEF for a day of conversation and networking that brings together women who have excelled in different areas through tech-driven expertise.

We aim to showcase to girls and women that it is possible, through education, to break the glass ceiling and be champions and leaders of empowerment for other girls.

Learn more and get tickets!

angie chang ceo girl geek x ig

Volunteers wanted for Oakland public school students – SIGN UP to volunteer with us!

Screenshot at .. AM

Since the pandemic, Girl Geek X community volunteers have served the public school educators and students in East Oakland.

Our goal began with supporting students at our “adopted” school Coliseum College Prep Academy in Oakland, California teaching grades 6-12 with a computer science pathway. We providing access to volunteers and role models from the professional community for students in partnership with the nonprofit Oakland Education Fund, which coordinates volunteer activities with public schools in Oakland and clears volunteers for entry into the schools.

CCPA has the highest college-going rate in the district despite being located in one of Oakland’s highest poverty neighborhoods. 

This year, we kicked off volunteering in August with Back-To-School Campus Prepsupporting Back-To-School prep with CCPA teachers on Friday, August 4, 2023 (1pm-4pm) in East Oakland!

oakland school volunteers back to school august ccpa classroom

Girl Geek X Community volunteers helped teachers with classroom projects to prepare their rooms and hallways for students return to campus for the new school year. More photos are on Facebook here. ❤️


The nonprofit Oakland Education Fund expanded access to students in Oakland elementary schools, starting with volunteering with Latine/x Read-in (Monday, October 2, 2023, 1pm – 2:30pm). Volunteers read books by Latine/x and Hispanic authors to students at Thornhill Elementary.

Girl Geek X volunteers at Latine/x Read-In (pictured from left: Thornhill Elementary School Librarian Marie Fox, Girl Geek X Founder Angie Chang, Customer Success Leader Haana Rafiq, Playground Global Principal People Operations Sylvia Donohoe, Technical Operations Leader Belisa Mandarano, Flexport Software Engineers Bryanna Valdivia and Rachel Colby, and Syntiant Director of HR Jenny Garcia).

oakland latinex read in oct girl geek x thornhill elementary

Volunteers read aloud books to 2-3 elementary school classes that celebrate Latine/x culture in the 90-minute volunteer shift. Books and sample questions to guide conversations were provided by the Oakland Education Fund. More photos are on Facebook here. ❤️


girl geek x ccpa career panel vanessa Vanessa magana an nguyen molly dubow bryanna valdivia elizabeth orpina

The Girl Geek X CCPA career panel (Wednesday, October 4, 2pm-4pm), moderated by Vanessa Magaña with An Nguyen, Molly Dubow, Bryanna Valdivia, and Elizabeth Orpina shared advice from first-generation students now working in the technology industry. Read about the takeaways from the panel. ❤️


college writing girl geek x

Volunteers supported seniors’s college applications, providing crucial feedback on grammar, flow, and clarity of writing during “College Crunch Days” – these are dedicated school days for high school seniors to work on their UC admissions applications.

girl geek x volunteers college crunch days november

Note: a writing/comms background is NOT required to participate! Any experience writing in an academic/professional setting will be sufficient to participate in this event.

Volunteer shifts are 8:30am-12:30pm on Friday, November 3, 2023 and/or Friday, November 17, 2023 at CCPA’s College & Career Day office. More photos are on Facebook here.


Join the launch of the virtual mentorship program at CCPA with TechLink to connect volunteers with students this spring!

How to volunteer virtually with Girl Geek X CCPA via TechLink:

  1. Apply to Mentor with TechLink by January 18, 2024.
  2. Complete your Live Scan fingerprinting as required by Oakland Unified School District and Oakland Education Fund policy for virtual volunteer clearance for California.

Questions? Email rafael@oaklandedfund.org

We are looking for TechLink VOLUNTEERS to meet virtually with CCPA sophomores and juniors during the Spring 2024 semester!

Volunteer Mentors will meet on Fridays for ~11 sessions virtually from February thru April 2024.

While TechLink is a virtual mentorship program, Mentors are welcome to volunteer IRL and have lunch with their Mentees at the East Oakland school.

Thank you so much for supporting Oakland public schools and students!


senior capstones april sobriety companion features

Girl Geek X volunteers support public school students and educators at Coliseum College Prep Academy (CCPA) in East Oakland. The school entrance is on the corner of 66th Ave and International Blvd. (map)

On Thursday, January 25, 2024 (5:30pm-7pm), CCPA educators and students will be joined by Girl Geek X community volunteers to receive feedback on Senior Capstone Projects.

Sign up to volunteer with us on January 25!


read in oakland girl geek x


Bella Vista Elementary is located by Oakland’s Highland Hospital.

On Wednesday, February 14, 2023 (9:30am-11:00am), Girl Geek X Community Volunteers will read books to 2-3 elementary school classes that celebrate African-American culture in the 90-minute volunteer shift. Books and sample questions to guide conversations are provided by the Oakland Education Fund.

Volunteers do not need to identify as African-American to participate, and those who do identify as such are encouraged to participate and share about their culture with students.


Don’t forget to spread the word and invite your coworkers & friends to join you in volunteering! Volunteering together not only strengthens our impact, but also provides a chance to bond.

This event is organized in partnership with the nonprofit Oakland Public Education Fund, which connects groups with schools to make a positive impact on school culture and student achievement through relevant and meaningful volunteer projects.

Our partnership goal is to support students in East Oakland, CA by partnering on a variety of volunteer activities throughout the school year — from volunteering on-campus to field trips to tech companies.

Best Gift Guide For Ambitious Career Goals – Productivity, Mentorship, Job-Seeker Tools, Self Care & More!

gift guide girl geek x

Gifting essentials: Whether you want to support women-owned companies, or are looking for a gift for a woman in tech/business to conquer her career goals, this gift guide supports women and women-owned companies!

From tools for job-seekers and productivity, to mentorship, you’ll be sure to find a handy gift to elevate or move forward one’s career.

Disclosure: Girl Geek X has partnered with some of the organizations below and may receive a commission on your purchase, at no extra cost to you. We only partner with and share organizations that we believe in and are proud to share with our audience.

girl geek x lift as you climb mug

The Best Gift for Women in Tech
Girl Geek X connects, inspires & elevates women in tech. $20 $16 for mug with 20% savings!

Girl Geek X has developed a dynamic community of over 40,000 women in tech, business, and entrepreneurship, partnering on over 250 Girl Geek Dinners and provided speaking opportunities for over 1,000 women. Founder Angie Chang hosts the popular event series, with free virtual ELEVATE conferences quarterly. The community-favorite theme – “lift as you climb” – is on a mug you can proudly place at your work desk or home office!

Palestinian Soap Cooperative

The Best Gift for Self-Care
Palestinian Soap Coop $36 $32.40 for a box of 6 soaps with 10% savings!

Palestinian Soap Coop distributes Palestinian olive oil soaps hand-made in the occupied West Bank, preserving the oldest soap making traditions in the world. We especially love “الأرض (The Land)” made by Women’s Soap Co-operative of Beita, just south of Nablus in Palestine. Founder Dina Omar enjoys working with the factories in Nablus and building new relationships here in the U.S.

Save 10% with “GIRLGEEKX” on any Palestinian soap order!


The Best Gift For Job-Seekers
ApplyAll for Job-Seekers Lands Them Interviews $69 $64 for 100 applications, or $89 $84 for 200 applications

ApplyAll has intelligent bots auto-applying you to 250+ relevant jobs. Founder Tal Flanchraych believes that with the 1-5% industry response rate, applying to jobs manually means unnecessarily restricting your options. Her product ApplyAll helps jobseekers quit wasting time with cover letters and start winning at the numbers game.

Save $5 with “GIRLGEEK” on any ApplyAll package – There’s a gift option to send ApplyAll credit to a jobseeker. If the recipient doesn’t get at least 1 relevant interview, you’ll get a 100% refund.

Give the gift of a supercharged job search with ApplyAll


Best Gift For Community-Seekers – Membership to The Ruby
Mention that Angie Chang or Girl Geek X referred you to waive the enrollment fee ($75 off)

The Ruby is a collective of Bay Area nonbinary, transfeminine, and woman-identified creatives with range of interests. Owner/director Peggy Lee runs the arts & letters–focused work and gathering space for those who are passionate about their creative and professional pursuits and want to share them with others, who value community and are interested in new friendships — especially outside of their chosen fields of work.

Save $75 on enrollment when you mention Angie Chang / Girl Geek X referred you!

Join The Ruby for community

multitudes for engineering teams productivity

The Best Productivity Software for Engineering
Multitudes for Engineering Teams with 10% Savings

Want to ship quality code, faster? And want to do it in a human-centric way?

Multitudes supports happier, higher-performing engineering teams. Founded by Lauren Peate, the AI coach product spots delivery risks including what work is blocked, who’s at risk of burnout, and more; they then guide teams to take action with recommendations and nudges in Slack.

Save 10% with “GIRLGEEKX10” for your first 6 months after the free one-month trial of Multitudes when you list Girl Geek X as the referrer to get early access!

Join Multitudes for happier teams

formation dev

The Best Training Software for Engineers
Formation Engineering Fellows for Interview Prep – $2,500 for a Month of Training

Formation is the world’s first patented AI-powered technical interview prep platform. Get unlimited skill benchmarking that powers your hyper-personalized roadmap, 2+ mock interviews with FAANG-level engineers (and more as needed), 8+ technical mentor sessions (with 5 people or less), and more with Formation interview prep.

Founded by Sophie Novati, Formation provides engineers actionable feedback to hone your skills in a safe and inclusive environment, and ace your technical interviews. She is offering Formation at $2,500 for one month when you apply for Formation here as Girl Geek X!

Apply to Formation Fellowship for technical interview prep

west career accelerator

The Best Mentorship Program for Women in Tech
Career Accelerator for Women 5% Savings at WEST

If you have wanted to gift a mentorship experience for a professional woman, here’s your chance!

WEST supports ambitious women technologists through 1:1 and group mentorship. Get hands-on support as you explore your career options, learn to grow your influence, improve your communication, and more through 1:1 Mentorship or the Career Accelerator!

WEST Diversity & Inclusion offers girl geeks 5% off with discount code “GIRLGEEKX”. WEST (which stands for Women Entering and Staying in Tech) is a mentoring community founded by serial engineering leader Heidi Williams along with managing director Karen Ko.

ambitious career goals gift guide self care

Best of Girl Geek X on YouTube!

girl geek x openai Tyna Eloundou
After hosting 250 Girl Geek Dinners and ELEVATE Virtual Conferences in celebration of International Women’s Day for thousands of women around the world.Here are the most watched 10 videos from Girl Geek X YouTube! You can watch (or re-watch) them at the links below:

  1. Girl Geek X OpenAI Lightning Talks – Christine McLeavey, OpenAI Member of Technical Staff, Alethea Power, OpenAI Member of Technical Staff, Tyna Eloundou, OpenAI Member of Policy Staff
  2. Prompt Design & Engineering for GPT-3 – Ashley Pilipiszyn, OpenAI Technical Director
  3. Girl Geek X OpenAI Lightning Talks & Panel Brooke Chan, OpenAI Software Engineer, Lilian Weng, OpenAI Research Scientist, Christine Payne, OpenAI Research Scientist, Mira Murati, OpenAI RL Team Manager, Amanda Askell, OpenAI Research Scientist
  4. Ensuring artificial general intelligence (AGI) benefits all of humanity – Mira Murati, OpenAI RL Team Manager
  5. You’re a Sales What? Life as a Sales Engineer Melissa Andrews, Splunk Sales Engineering Manager
  6. Using reinforcement learning (RL) to learn dexterous in hand manipulation policies – Lilian Weng, OpenAI Research Scientist
  7. Scale your career with open source: Girl Geek X Confluent Talks & Panel – Neha Narkhede, Confluent Co-Founder, Bret Scofield, Confluent UX Research, Elizabeth Bennett, Confluent Software Engineer, Priya Shivakumar, Confluent Senior Director of Product Marketing
  8. Leading through change & embracing the mess – Anu Bharadwaj, Atlassian VP of Product
  9. Fireside Chat with Neha Narkhede, Board Director & Co-Founder of Confluent Neha Narkhede, Confluent Co-Founder
  10. “Thank u, next: How ‘diversity’ gets in the way of gender equity” Aubrey Blanche, Atlassian Global Head of Diversity & Belonging