Mentorship Lounge Sessions – ELEVATE Virtual Conference (Dec. 6th, 2023) – Morning and Afternoon!

Table #1 – Eng Growth as Individual Contributor – Mentors:

8AM-9AM Pacific – Table Topics: Interviewing, Negotiation Leadership, Career Changers, Promotions, Growth, Breaking Barriers as a Woman in Engineering, Breaking Into Tech, Bringing Your Authentic Self to Work, Startups, Women in Engineering, Backend Development, Full Stack Development, Product Development, Angular / React, Typescript, Java

Elevate Mentor Table Eng Growth am Allison Colyer Devin Nicholson Gloria Chen Sneha Natekar

Eng Grow As IC Mentors: Allison Colyer (Senior Software Engineer, Sweetgreen), Devin Nicholson (Senior Full Stack Engineer, BILL), Gloria Chen (Senior Software Engineer, EasyPost), Sneha Natekar (Senior Partner Engineer, GitHub)

Table #2 – Product Management – Mentors:

8AM-9AM Pacific – Table Topics: Getting Into Product Management, Transitioning from Systems Engineering to Product Management, Searching For PM Job in the US Without Work Experience / Degree in Country, SaaS or B2C Product Management, Career Transition to Product, Transition to Fintech, Assimilating to a Tech Culture from Growing Up in a Blue Collar Life, Working on H1-B, Cross Functional Collaboration, Communicating for Impact

Elevate Mentor Table Product am Divya Prabakar Shannon Cassidy Karly Bolger Neha Dobhal

Product Management Mentors: Divya Prabakar (Product Manager, Electric Vehicle Growth, TrueCar), Shannon Cassidy (Senior Product Manager, Split), Karly Bolger (Senior Product Manager, One Main Financial), Neha Dobhal (Senior Product Manager, Intuit)

Table #3 – Program Mgmt & Engineering Mgmt – Mentors:

8AM-9AM Pacific – Table Topics: Career Journey Support, Navigating Challenging Situations, Salary Negotiation, LinkedIn Branding, Networking Skills, How to Build Your Elevator Pitch, Career, Burnout, Communication, Leadership, Self Worth, Early Career Advice, Transitioning from IC to Management

Elevate Mentor Table Program Mgmt Eng Mgmt am Dana Stodgel Hana Rasheed Joya Joseph Richa Gandhi

Program Mgmt & Engineering Mgmt Mentors: Dana Stodgel (Principal Technical Program Manager, Amazon), Hana Rasheed (Senior Engineering Program Manager, Virtualization, Data Analytics & Office of CIO, Adobe), Joya Joseph (Engineering Manager, Big Health), Richa Gandhi (Software Development Manager, GoDaddy)

Table #4 – Non-Coding Roles in Tech – Mentors:

8AM-9AM Pacific – Table Topics: Project Management, Transition to Tech, Career Transition, ADHD / Neurodiversity, Non-Traditional Backgrounds, Mental Health Advocacy, Customer Success, Personal Growth, Speaking Up, CareerJourneys, Teaching Non-Technical People Technical Ideas

Elevate Mentor Table non coding roles in tech am Anna Konovalova Carrie Browde Katerina Papadimitriou Siobhan Dolen

Non-Coding Roles in Tech Mentors: Anna Konovalova (Project Management Expert), Carrie Browde (Business Program Manager, Google), Katerina Papadimitriou (Partner Success Manager, Autodesk), Siobhan Dolen (Solutions Consulting, LexisNexis Risk Solutions)

Table #5 – Career Development / Promotion – Mentors:

8AM – 9AM Table Topics: Career Advancement, Bringing Your Authentic Self to Work, Mastering Technical Depth versus Breadth, Mind Mapping Your Career, Art of Authentic Networking, Mentorship versus Sponsorship, Supply Chain / Operations, Manufacturing, Product Development, Leading Teams, Managing Distributed Workforce, Career Ladders, Hiring / Recruiting, Project Management, Performance Management, Mentoring Resources, Money Management, Women in STEM, Career Transition from Journalism to Tech, Building a Team, Digital Project Management, First-Gen American

Elevate Mentor Table am Cheryl Marquez Madhuparna Datta Sandra Chen Walyce Almeida

Career Development / Promotion Mentors: Cheryl Marquez (Senior Program Manager, Cohesity), Madhuparna Datta (AE Director, Cadence Design Systems), Sandra Chen (Senior Manager, Global Supply Chain, Block), Walyce Almeida (Program Manager, Amazon Web Services)

Table #6 – Leadership / Building Good Networks – Mentors:

8AM- 9AM Table Topics: Leadership, Career Planning, Career Development, Executive Presence, Communication, Networking, Product Management, Cyber Security, Job Searching, Startup Lessons Learned, Building your Reputation Inside and Outside of Your Organization, Paying it Forward

Elevate Mentor Table Leadership Good Networks am Elena Leonova Liesel Mendoza Saskia Hoffman Tamar Bobys

Leadership / Building Good Networks Mentors: Elena Leonova (SVP, Product Management, Spryker), Liesel Mendoza (Founder & CEO, The Mentoring Club), Saskia Hoffmann (Cybersecurity Leader), Tamar Bobys (Account Executive, Amazon Web Services)

Table #7 – Managing Your Career – Mentors:

8AM- 9AM Table Topics: People Operations, Leadership, Navigating Difficult Conversations, Working In / Around Bureaucracy, Communication, Personal Branding, Non-Technical Jobs, Career Progression, Job Opportunities, Imposter Syndrome, Building Career Roadmaps, Interviewing, Assessing Next Steps, Negotiation, Communicating Effectively

Elevate Mentor Table Managing Your Career am Ashley Wichman Caitlin Anderson Judalyn Kristi Allen ()

Managing Your Career Mentors: Ashley Wichman (Employee Engagement Lead), Caitlin Anderson (Senior Manager, Internal Communications, Autodesk), Judalyn A. (University Recruiter, Equinix), Kristi Allen (Chief of Staff to Chief Communications Officer, Intel)

Table #8 – Job Search / Interviewing / Resumes – Mentors:

8AM- 9AM Table Topics: Navigating a Terrible Job Market, Interview Tips, Resume, ATS Parsing, Online Profile, Overcoming Imposter Syndrome Career Transitions, Cybersecurity

Elevate Mentor Table jJob Search Interviewng Resumes am Megan Guth Meighan Agosta Nrmayee Dighe Tal Flanchraych

Job Search / Interviewing / Resume Mentors: Megan Guth (GRC Manager, Trace3), Meighan Agosta (UX Researcher / Career Coach, MASI Consulting), Nirmayee Dighe (Business Analyst), Tal Flanchraych (Founder & CEO, ApplyAll)

Table #9 – Career Transitions / Networking – Mentors:

8AM- 9AM Table Topics: Career Transitions, Career Transitions into Tech or Senior Leadership Roles, Career Mapping, Building Relationships, Avoiding Getting Fired, Product Management, Product Strategy, Influential Communication

Elevate Mentor Table Career Transition am Deep Rastogi Dipti Patel Gizem Kaymakci Nicole Hussain

Career Transition Mentors: Deep Rastogi (Product Manager, Business Wire), Dipti Patel (Career & Leadership Coach, Impact Forward), Gizem Kaymakçı (Product Designer, Lyrebird Studio), Nicole Husain (COO, Lighthouse Labs)

Table #1 – Eng Growth as Individual Contributor – Mentors:

1PM- 2PM Table Topics: Individual Contributor Career Growth, Switching Technology as Software Professional and Advancing, Mobile Development, Self-Promotion, Work / Life Balance, Importance of Networking, Empowering Young Professionals & Women in Tech, Career Paths, Interviewing, Negotiating, Technical Learning Paths / Opportunities, Backend Engineering

Elevate Mentor Table Engineering Growth As Individual Contributor pm Cheryl Aranha Dotty Nordberg Fatemeh Saremi Nihara Thomas

Eng Growth as IC Mentors: Cheryl Aranha (Principal Software Engineer, Intuit), Dotty Nordberg (Senior DevOps Engineer, Pure Storage), Fatemeh Saremi (Senior Software Engineer, Autodesk), Nihara Thomas (Principal Software Engineer, Posit PBC)

Table #2 – Product Management – Mentors:

1PM- 2PM Table Topics: Program / Project Management, Product Management, Leadership Roles, Paving your Path as a Woman in Tech / PM, Navigating Early Career for New Grads or Students, How to Support and Rally Each Other to Cultivate a Diverse Workplace, Navigating Internal Mobility, Setting Strategy / Vision, NLP / ChatBots, Future with AI

Elevate Mentor Table Product Management pm Benita Bankson Diane Huang Rekha Venkatakrishnan Ying Ge

Product Management Mentors: Benita Bankson (Senior Director, Program / Portfolio / Product Management, Gap Inc.), Diane Huang (Product Lead, Canva), Rekha Venkatakrishnan (Head of Product, Amazon), Ying Ge (Senior Product Manager, Intuit)

Table #3 – Design / UX / PMM – Mentors:

1PM- 2PM Table Topics: Fostering Team Culture, Career Development, Upleveling, Product / UX Design, Design Process, UX Research, Cross-Functional Collaboration, Performance Management, Innovation, Healthcare, Startups, Fundraising / Investment Decks, Design, Leadership, Business Career Growth, Product Marketing, Public Speaking

Elevate Mentor Table Design UX Product Marketing pm Deanna Alcorn Joselle Ho Keri Fullwood Meenakshi Ganesh

Design / UX / Product Marketing Mentors: Deanna Alcorn (Product Design Manager), Joselle Ho (Senior Manager, UX & Design, Blue Shield of California), Keri Ashton Fullwood (Head of UX, US, Air India), Meenakshi Ganesh (Product Marketing Manager, Salesforce)

Table #4 – Data Science / AI / ML / LLM – Mentors:

1PM – 2PM Table Topics: All Parts of the Data Pipeline (Collection, Curation, Analytics), Product Based on Data, Data Science, Machine Learning, NLP, LLMs, Management, Balancing Family & Tech Career, Analytics, Leadership, Transition from IC to Manager, Seamless Products at the Intersection of People / Data / Efficiency

Elevate Mentor Table Data Science AI ML LLMs pm Amina Penoff Nina Lopatina Sara Wetzler Tanny Ng

Data Science / AI / ML / LLM Mentors: Amina Penoff (Data Scientist), Nina Lopatina (Director of Data Science, Nurdle), Sara Wetzler (Senior Director, Product Analytics & Data Intelligence, Procore Technologies), Tanny Ng (Senior Product Manager, Data & Analytics Platform, WP Engine)

Table #5 – Leadership in Tech – Mentors:

1PM – 2PM Table Topics: Team Building, Leadership, Management, Quality Engineering, Hiring, Program Management, Technical Program Management, Tech for Social Good, Technical Leadership, Entry-Level Roles, Promotions, Total Comp Negotiations, Career Progression, Executive Presence, Navigating Conflict

Elevate Mentor Table Technical Leadership pm Brienna Ransom Fatema Kothari Julie Hu Madhura Belani ()

Leadership in Tech Mentors: Brienna Ransom (Quality Engineering Leader), Fatema Kothari (Director of Engineering & Program Management, Microsoft), Julia Hu (Director of Engineering), Madhura Belani (Product & Business Development Executive)

Table #6 – Leadership Mentors:

1PM – 2PM Table Topics: Revenue Operations Skills, Founding Team Member, Non-Technical, Startups, MVP Building, Web Development, Leadership for Women of Color, Agile Leadership

Elevate Mentor Table Leadership pm Ana Rottaro Maia Jones Marianne Bekker Saima Jamshed

Leadership Mentors: Ana Rottaro (Head of Revenue Operations, Clockwise), Maia Jones (VP, People, Places & Culture, Alphawave Semi), Mariane Bekker (Founder & CEO, Upward), Saima Jamshed (Director, Office of Project Management, Magnit Global)

Table #7 – Non-Coding Roles in Tech Mentors:

1PM – 2PM Table Topics: Career Transitions, IT Operations Roles, Women in Technology, Imposter Syndrome, Data Visualization, Careers, Building a Portfolio, Python, Sales, Demoing, SAAS

Elevate Mentor Table Non Coding Roles in Tech pm Belisa Mandarano Liz Garcia Michelle Maraj Sarah Hudspeth

Non-Coding Roles in Tech Mentors: Belisa Mandarano (Operations Technology Leader), Liz Garcia (IT Process Manager, Impossible Foods), Michelle Maraj (Senior Business Intelligence Manager, Gigpro), Sarah Hudspeth (Solutions Architect, Chronosphere)

Table #8 – Career Transitions / Networking Mentors:

1PM – 2PM Table Topics: The Importance of Mentoring, Project Management, Career Transitions, Determining Where to Upskill, Troubleshoot Challenges, Build Confidence, Career Advice, Work / Life Balance, Industry-Level Coaching

Elevate Mentor Table Career Transitions Networking pm Carla Sexton Jo Gruszka Khushboo Malik Padmini Misra

Career Transitions / Networking Mentors: Carla Sexton (Electronic Health Record Interoperability & Exposure Project Manager, T-Rex Solutions), Jo Gruszka (Director of Project Management), Khushboo Malik (Senior Manager, Global Procurement Operations, Salesforce), Padmini Misra (Senior Engineering Manager, Arista Networks)