Joya Joseph

A seasoned and forward-thinking engineering leader with a wealth of experience in software development, team scaling, and process optimization, Joya has consistently demonstrated a keen understanding of the intricacies of software development, successfully leading teams to deliver high-quality solutions through their career. Scaling engineering teams efficiently and optimizing processes has resulted in streamlined operations and enhanced productivity. A visionary engineering leader committed to achieving technological excellence and business objectives, Joya possesses unique technical expertise and strategic insight, allowing them to navigate complex challenges and propel teams toward success.



Navigating the Engineering Manager Odyssey

Join us for an exploration of the tech lead and engineering manager’s journey, featuring leaders from Adobe, Airbnb, Cash App, and Workday. Gain practical wisdom on transitioning to an EM role, mastering performance management, and navigating challenges such as PIPs. Discover effective strategies for fostering a feedback-rich culture and elevate your leadership skills in the dynamic tech environment. Don’t miss this opportunity to glean firsthand insights from industry veterans and sharpen your toolkit for success in engineering leadership, from consumer to AI/ML.