Ana Rottaro

Ana Rottaro has been working in tech in the B2B and PLG space for 5 years now. She studied economics and public policy and most of her experience was in the public sector, but she managed to make the jump. IShestarted off in CX, but quickly became the owner of Salesforce and Marketo which eventually extended to the whole GTM tech stack. She quickly had to learn how to prioritize supporting multiple teams and managing risk in systems. She helped in hiring 5 employees with limited to no RevOps background and helped them learn the ropes while advocating for career ladders and task-role fit. She became the manager for this team and scaled the intake process while helping 2 employees reach promotion in their first year. Since then, she joined Clockwise as the founder of the revenue operations function. She helps manage contractors, but her role now is more focused on guiding architecture and setting up operational foundations for the company.