Best of ELEVATE Sessions – From Career Learning Circles to Fighting Fatigue and Burnout – and Grokking your Technical Interview!

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Our highly-anticipated Girl Geek X: ELEVATE Conference and Career Fair on June 7, 2023 hosted over ONE THOUSAND mid-to-senior women in tech around the world online for inspiration, connection, and learning. 

Thank you to our inspiring speakers & sponsors for helping make ELEVATE conference an incredible experience — Check out featured jobs – they are actively hiring for REMOTE (FLEXIBLE) JOBS – please check them out, and help a girl geek find her next role in tech!

Here are the most popular talks from June’s ELEVATE 2023! You can watch (or re-watch) them at the links below:

  1. Launch Your Career Learning Circle (Morning Keynote) – Margarita Akterskaia, Senior Software Engineer at Roblox, provides practical guidance on creating & maintaining a successful career learning circle.
  2. Fighting Fatigue and Burnout as Employee Resource Group Leadership – Emily Garcia, Head of Pixel Supply & Demand at Google, & Janice Litvin, Author of Banish Burnout Toolkit, discuss strategies for sustainable ERGs, motivating & rewarding volunteers, & generally preventing burnout.
  3. Grokking Your Technical Interview – Neha Srivastava, Senior Software Engineer at Attentive, shares crucial insights on what hiring managers are really looking for in the technical interview process.
  4. How To Get a No-Code Role – Amulya Vishwanath, Head of Developer Relations, Emerging Markets at Nvidia, explores today’s landscape of job functions, from non-technical to no-code roles in tech.
  5. The Most Important Product You’ll Ever Work On: You! – Cindy Deng, Leadership Coach at Pacific Blue Leadership, explains why having a vision, considering your strategy, embracing your unique value, & executing with focus – means you can & will be your enthusiastic advocate.
  6. Beyond the Algorithm: the Human Element in Developing Trustworthy AI – Yunwen Tu, Senior UX Designer at Vianai, & Sanchika Gupta, Data Scientist at Vianai, share perspectives on designing trustworthy artificial intelligence.
  7. AR/VR in Education: Immersive Technologies, Limitless Learning – San Robinson, Mobile UI Engineer at CrowdStrike, on the potential for immersive technologies (AR/VR/XR) for developers to create with Unity & Unreal Engine.

elevate virtual career fair for mid-senior women in tech, 2023
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– Angie Chang, Sukrutha Bhadouria, Amy Weicker, and 
the team at Girl Geek X