Rekha Venkatakrishnan

Rekha is a product evangelist and technologist with a solid background in product management, strategy and engineering in leadership roles. Rekha is seen as a product leader with high energy, strategic thinking, data driven approach, creativity and leadership qualities. Her experience includes but is not limited to building B2C and B2B products using latest technology stack and managing large complex cross-functional teams. She is a core believer of building simple yet delightful products with seamless experience that helps win both customers and business. Rekha is a strong advocate for Women in Tech, Data and Product and runs mentor circles to advance women in different functions. She holds an MBA from University of Arkansas, United States and Bachelor of Technology from Anna University, India.



Breaking into Product from Engineering

In this session, Rekha Venkatakrishnan (Head of Product at Amazon) will speak about breaking through into product from engineering. She will share strategies to make it happen, explain how to execute it, and provide tips for what not to do when you are trying to make a successful career switch.