Padmini Misra

Padmini is an engineering leader and a problem solver at heart! Over her 20+ years of career in engineering, she has built world-class products and led software engineering teams for some of Silicon Valley’s most well-known companies, including Cisco, Juniper, and Arista Networks.

Outside of work, she loves adventure (biking, hiking, backpacking) and giving back to the community(through leading organizations at local schools and mentoring).

She is passionate about mentoring the younger generation, especially women, as she believes that women need to uplift each other to continue progressing towards bridging the gender gap in the workplace. This mentorship and guidance becomes even more necessary as they rise up the leadership ranks.

Along with her engineering leader role at Arista Networks, she has been leading diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives for the last few years and launched the company’s first employee resource group (Women@Arista ERG) last year. As the president of the Women@Arista ERG, she drives recruiting programs that focus on promoting diversity, as well as programs for the career development of employees through learning resources and community support such as mentorship and networking.