Heidi Williams

As tEQuitable‘s CTO and co-founder, Heidi is building a platform to address bias, discrimination, and harassment in the workplace. Prior to co-founding tEQuitable, Heidi was VP of Platform Engineering at Box for 4 years. Before that, she worked at Adobe for 17 years. Heidi holds a B.S. in computer science from Brown University.



Intersectionality & Systemic Change - Heidi Williams (tEQuitable CTO) at Elevate 2019

As we journey into fourth-wave feminism, join tEUitable CTO Heidi Williams for this important session on intersectionality and systemic change. Navigating the challenging terrain to ensure that as we gain seats at the table, that the voices of all women are heard. She’ll share tips on how to engage allies and advocates, recognize privilege, and lead both up and down the organization.