Tal Flanchraych

Tal Flanchraych is the founder of ApplyAll.com, a startup that automates your job search by applying you to 200 relevant jobs in 30 seconds. Previously, she spent 15 years as a Product Manager, working at Indeed, Amazon, and a number of early-stage startups. She currently lives in Los Angeles in humble servitude of her two canine overlords.

In 2015, after years of writing cover letters and networking, Tal decided to cold apply to 200+ product management jobs and got more initial phone interviews in one week than she’d ever had in her life (38!!!). After trying the same experiment with friends who had different professional backgrounds, it became clear to her that the “spray and pray” approach actually does work — and often works even better than any other approach — when done at scale.



Supercharge Your Resume: 5 Tips to Get More Interviews

Applying to jobs is a numbers game. If you play the numbers game, you are likely to win. In this ELEVATE session, Tal Flanchraych (CEO & Founder of ApplyAll) lays out the statistics about job applications.