Best of 2019 – Elevate Videos

November 4, 2019
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By Angie Chang (Girl Geek X Founder)

We’ve hosted 27 Girl Geek Dinners in the Silicon Valley. These dinners were attended by over 4,000 women this year and we are thrilled to continue to host Girl Geek Dinners for the 12th year.

Our single biggest event each year is Elevate with over 2,500 attendees from 35 countries. Elevate showcased 22 amazing speakers and 7 mission-aligned sponsors at our virtual conference in celebration of International Women’s Day 2019. We received rave reviews for the content and accessibility of the online program Elevate, and are looking forward to 2020!


Here are the most popular talks from this year’s Elevate virtual conference based on attendee ratings of the YouTube videos.

#1 – Always Ask For More (video)Leyla Seka (Salesforce Executive Vice President), Jen Taylor (Cloudflare Head of Product Management)

#2 – Being Unapologetically You (video) Sandra Lopez (Intel Sports Vice President)

#3 – From Office Manager to Chief Product Officer (video)Shawna Wolverton (Zendesk Senior Vice President of Product Management)

#4 – Unconventional Journeys in Tech (video) Rosie Sennett (Splunk Staff Sales Engineer), Farnaz Ronaghi (NovoEd Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder), Shanea Leven (Cloudflare Director of Product Management), Angie Chang (Girl Geek X Founder)

#5 – Building High Performance Teams (video)Nupur Srivastava (Grand Rounds Vice President of Product Management), Citlalli Solano (Palo Alto Networks Director of Engineering, Colleen Bashar (Guidewire Software Vice President), Gretchen DeKnikker (Girl Geek X Chief Operating Officer)

#6 – Intersectionality And Systemic Change (video) Heidi Williams (tEQuitable Chief Technology Officer)

#7 – Creating An AI For Social Good Program (video) Anna Bethke (Intel Head of AI for Good)

#8 – Coding Strong At Age 60 (video) Akilah Monifa (Black History Everyday Founder)

#9 – Every Day Is Important In The Life Of A Strawberry: Finding The Users In Government Policy (video) Sheri Trivedi (U.S. Digital Service Instructional Content Strategist)

#10 – A/B Testing: Cheap & Easy With Open Source (video) Dena Mwangi (Sentry Software Engineer)


We would love to have more Girl Geek Dinners at med/health companies, biotech companies, consumer-facing companies… We are interested in partner more with the scientific and ethical-minded companies out there in addition to our slate of tech companies hosting Girl Geek Dinners.

Here’s how to partner with Girl Geek X in 2020. We are currently working with sponsors for 2020 dinner dates, and excited to continue partnering with companies to host Girl Geek Dinners!


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