Shawna Wolverton

Shawna has over 20 years experience in enterprise software product management. She recently joined Zendesk as the SVP of Product after a fantastic adventure in “new space” as the Chief Product Officer at Planet. Previously, Shawna spent 14 years at Salesforce, joining the organization as the first localization manager and leaving as an SVP of Platform product. There she was responsible for the leading the declarative platform team and worked closely with the user experience design and research team on the ground up renovation of the salesforce user interface Lightning project.



Office Manager to CPO - Keynote from Shawna Wolverton (Zendesk SVP Product Mgmt) at Elevate 2019

Shawna Wolverton is a self-proclaimed nerd for good product design. Starting at Salesforce in 2003, Shawna worked her way up to SVP Product Management, influencing $30M/yr in revenue before she left to do it all over again as CPO at Planet and now SVP Product Management at Zendesk. Don’t miss this session as Shawna shares the lessons she learned both personally and professionally in her 25 year career.