Colleen Bashar

Focused on enterprise software for 19 years, Colleen is passionate about building an organization that truly becomes a differentiator, right along with the solution being sold. She is dedicated to both personal and professional growth for her teams, her style is defined by strong communication and empowering the individual. Colleen has an exceptional track record in both revenue and organizational growth, using a consultative selling process to define and execute on the strategy. Leveraging her skills acquired through an engineering degree, MBA and both large and small organizations, Colleen is able to deliver a unique perspective on the challenges of growth and scale and selling in a competitive market.



Building High Performance Teams

You think the transition from IC to a manager is the hardest part of your career – until you become a manager of managers. From advancing your hiring skills to optimizing cross-team communication to letting your managers manage, join these amazing women as they share their learnings as they’ve evolved from managers to leaders.