Cathy Polinsky

Cathy leads the Technology team that builds innovative software to serve clients and scale the business’s merchandising operations, warehouse logistics, inventory management and styling services. Previously, she was an SVP of Engineering at Salesforce and led the team launching a new infrastructure for search. During her career she has built robust, large-scale systems and led engineering teams at Oracle, Yahoo! and Amazon. She has two daughters who love everything tech, especially emojis, Scratch, Minecraft, VR and Khan Academy.



CTO’s Lessons Learned from Software Developer to IPO

At Girl Geek X Elevate, Cathy Polinsky (CTO, Stitch Fix) cut her teeth at companies like Salesforce, Yahoo!, Oracle and Amazon before blazing a trail into the public markets at Stitch Fix. Lucky for us, Cathy shares what she’s learned along the way -- on hiring top talent while maintaining high EQ, managing down and – more importantly – up, and a ton of practical advice from the battlefield.