120 Recipes in Pursuit of the American Dream – From Women, Immigrants and People of Color

September 27, 2019

La Cocina is a non-profit working to solve problems of equity in business ownership for women, immigrants and people of color, launching their career in food.

New cookbook “We Are La Cocina: Recipes In Pursuit of the American Dream” holds 120 recipes accompanied by 200+ striking photos of dishes — and shares the stories of immigrant + women of color who have launched successful restaurants + businesses.

Bookmark this for holiday gift-giving — all proceeds go to non-profit La Cocina to launch more women chefs and their businesses!

Authored by Caleb Zigas & Leticia Landa.

From Nite Yun’s Kuy Teav Phnom Penh to Rosa Martinez’s Oaxacan Cholito de Puerco and Fernay McPherson’s Rosemary Fried Chicken, this cookbook offers 200+ vivid photos and 120+ recipes — a glimpse into the world of La Cocina, and the world around all of us.

“For most La Cocina entrepreneurs, a few recipes handed down from mothers and grandmothers were their only capital when they came to the United States. It seems almost magical that they can use those recipes as a means of self-expression, making a living, supporting their families, and preserving their culture. Through food, they too can aspire to the American Dream,” writes Isabel Allende in the forward, an early supporter of La Cocina.

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