Female Founders to Watch Building Developer Tools

October 10, 2020

Here are female founders solving problems for developers. Developer tools run the gamut from Chrome DevTools, to solutions for all kinds of issues. Check out the innovative features these inspiring girl geeks have built for teams!

1 – CodeSee CEO Shanea Leven

Shanea Leven founded CodeSee, a developer platform helping developers and development teams visualize codebases. She has over a 10 years of experience of leading teams, delivering high quality and innovative features for consumers and developers at Google, eBay, and Cloudflare. Follow her on Twitter at @shanealeven.

2 – Noteable CEO Michelle Ufford

Michelle Ufford is Founder & CEO of Noteable.io, an early-stage startup building next-gen analytics infrastructure. Before starting Noteable, she led the Big Data Tools engineering team at Netflix, where she was responsible for platform innovation and analytics tooling for Netflix’s industry-leading data platform. Prior to that, she led data engineering, data management, and platform architecture for GoDaddy, where she set a TPS record for SQL Server and helped pioneer Hadoop data warehousing techniques. Follow her on Twitter at @MichelleUfford.

3 – Instantish Founder Marissa Montgomery

Marissa Montgomery is Founder of Instantish, letting you do your issue tracking in Slack. Before starting Instantish, she led engineering at Zebra Intelligence. Prior to that, she was a senior software engineer at Spoke — and before that, worked at Google as a software engineer. Earlier in her career, she founded Swingset Labs. Follow her on Twitter at @MarissaMary.

4 – Chrysalis Cloud CEO Kate Whitcomb

Kate Whitcomb co-founded Chrysalis Cloud, the first low cost, light-weight streaming platform-as-a-service (PaaS) for real-time video processing and AI. The company was spun out out of smart baby monitor maker Cocoon Health, which used computer vision to inform new parents. Before that, Kate was a partner at HAX hardware accelerator — and before that, she led Growth and Innovation for Target’s Consumer IoT team.

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