Girl Geek X Volunteers Share Capstone Project Feedback With CCPA High School Seniors In Oakland

December 16, 2021

Team “Magic School Bus” (pictured, above) demo their mental wellness app to Girl Geek X volunteer experts who braved a rainy commute to CCPA school in Oakland, California for a memorable volunteer activity on December 15, 2021.

Girl Geek X community volunteers were warmly welcomed to an incredible interactive event at CCPA school, and provided with instructions and goals for the event, along with a summary of projects.

CCPA educator Claudia Walker said, “The volunteers spent about 50 minutes with two groups of seniors and provided invaluable feedback about the students’ app ideas and research methods. It was especially nice to hear them share their experiences in industry and give insight on what it takes to build an app and pitch a new idea.”

Students received feedback from Girl Geek X community members – all subject matter experts who volunteered their invaluable time and expertise for project teams demoing apps and presenting their projects.

Girl Geek X volunteers were asked about their experience mentoring and advising the talented seniors. Lively conversations sparked and built rapport between students and volunteers.

Girl Geek X community volunteer Kelly Kitagawa (pictured, above) gives students in Project team #6 feedback.

Overall, Girl Geek X volunteers shared unanimous feedback about how impressive, creative, resourceful, and well-guided the student projects are progressing.

Project team #4 “Lucky 6ucess” (pictured, above) impressed Girl Geek X volunteers with their ECO app project actively combating climate change and bringing reform.
CCPA staff and Girl Geek X volunteers debrief to provide insights to help CCPA staff refine their instruction.

This guest blog post was written by Girl Geek X community volunteer Annie Chang.

Girl Geek X’s new partnership with Oakland Public Education Fund in adopting Coliseum College Prep Academy (CCPA) provides valuable experiences for Girl Geek X community volunteers to engage with the local school community. Join the Girl Geek X email list to be notified of future events.

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