Best of ELEVATE 2024: From Non-Linear Paths to LLMs, Staff Engineering, Being Visible, & Human Impact

June 5, 2024
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June, 5, 2024 – Girl Geek X: ELEVATE Conference and Career Fair for mid-to-senior women in tech hosted over a thousand women & allies globally, with 85% attendees interested in hearing about jobs, over two dozen speakers, & recruiting at virtual Employer Booths. Help a girl geek land her next job in tech!

Here are the most-watched 15 sessions from June’s ELEVATE 2024 Conference & Career Fair! Videos are publicly shared to Girl Geek X’s YouTube channel:

  1. My Non-Linear Path to Vice President of Engineering – Rashmi Channarayapattna (Salesforce Vice President of Engineering)
  2. Career Fair Kickoff: Employer & Company Introduction – Attentive – Katie Ledoux (Attentive Chief Information Security Officer), Neha Srivastava (Attentive Staff Software Engineer at Attentive), Margho Dunnahoo-Kirsch (Attentive Director of Recruiting)
  3. LLM-Powered Agents: GenAI’s Next Frontier – Shelby Heinecke (Salesforce Senior AI Research Manager)
  4. 5 Practical Tips To Be An Effective Staff Engineer – Swathi Sundar (Benchling Head of System of Record Engineering)
  5. Connect to Thrive: The Power of Building Networks – Eirini Syka Lerioti (ASML Developer Relations Program Manager)
  6. Self Advocacy for Introverts – Shradha Doshi (Comcast Senior Product Manager)
  7. Be Visible: Overcoming the Queasiness of Self Promotion – Lade Tawak (UX Researcher)
  8. Reducing Bias in the Workplace – Boomie Odumade (Senior Director of Engineering, MIG)
  9. From SWE to Executive Director – Sweta Sinha (Executive Director, Data Products Platform, JP Morgan Chase)
  10. Responsible Use of Generative AI – Pratibha Rathore (Meta Tech Lead, Applied Research Scientist)
  11. From Code to Consequences: Software’s Human Impact – Christina Liu (Cisco Senior Security Engineer)
  12. Finding Your Voice in Tech as a Non-Technical Woman, Non-Binary Product Manager – Sowmya Subramanian (Development Seed Product Manager)
  13. Everything You Need To Know About Customer Facing Roles in Tech – Rosie Sennett (Splunk Staff Sales Engineer)
  14. Scaling Key-Value Stores: Adaptive Strategies for Diverse Access Needs at Any Scale– Vidhya Arvind (Netflix Staff Software Engineer)
  15. Create Your Own Custom GPT on OpenAI’s ChatGPT – Dimitra Charalampopoulou (Intel ML Engineer)

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