CALL FOR SPONSORS AND SPEAKERS! 2023 ELEVATE Conference Celebrating Int’l Women’s Day with Girl Geek X Community online

November 3, 2022
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CALL FOR SPONSORS for ELEVATE 2023 on March 8-9, 2023 – Girl Geek X’s 6th Annual Conference and Career Fair on International Women’s Day!

This year will be bigger and better than ever! We added:

  • MORE SPONSORSHIP TIERS for deeper partnership with companies. We’ve been asked about how to be an ANNUAL sponsor, so please check out our new DIAMOND and ANNUAL tiers!
  • VIRTUAL CAREER FAIR after the conference with booths, networking tables and 1:1 speed networking – so many fun ways to connect!
  • HAPPY HOURS hosted by participating sponsoring companies in cities around the world, from the SF Bay Area (where Girl Geek X is headquartered) and beyond.

Elevate brings together thousands of women technologists, innovators and tech leaders from around the world to share the latest in tech and leadership with fellow mid-and-senior level professional women.

This virtual conference is FREE for attendees – last year, over 4,000 women signed up to attend – tuning in from 42 countries around the world – to be inspired by speakers on the latest in tech trends and leadership on International Women’s Day.

Sessions content typically covers the following topics:

  • Lightning Tech Talks – Dive deep into an area that’s unique / critical to your business or role, from engineer to product manager.
  • Technical Skills & Tactics – Tutorials, walkthroughs, or deep dives into a skillset or tactical approach to how you solved a real-world challenge.
  • Learning & Development – Topics include negotiation, mid-career job searches, interviewing tips, managing up, self-awareness, ageism / return to work bias, mental health, etc.

If you can’t click on the button, check out our conference sponsorship prospectus at https://girlgeek.io/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/Girl-Geek-X-Elevate-Conference-Sponsorship-Prospectus-2023.pdf

2023 Call for Proposals – Speaker submissions for ELEVATE virtual conference now open!

We are seeking session proposals for the 6th annual ELEVATE 2023 Virtual Conference to be held March 8th, 2023.

Girl Geek X invites women technologists, innovators and tech leaders from around the world to participate in ELEVATE Virtual Conference to share the latest in tech and leadership with fellow mid-and-senior level women in technology.

Work on a unique technical project or have interesting insights you’d love to share? We want to hear from you! Both first-time and experienced speakers are welcome to apply. 

Speaker submissions for ELEVATE 2023 are now open!

Submit your proposal for a talk here  to be considered and invited to speak.

Why speak at Elevate virtual conference?

  • Share the technology you’re working on and tough problems you’re solving.
  • Increase your visibility within your own organization and position yourself as a subject-matter expert in your field.
  • Discuss what you’ve learned the hard way so that other women can more easily navigate their own careers — your talk will reach thousands of viewers!
  • Highlight issues unique to women in technology/leadership, and issues you’ve experienced or are passionate about.
  • Connect with other great women leaders, peers and mentors.
  • Elevating other women is a fun and rewarding experience.

What are previous Girl Geek X sessions rated highly by attendees?

More topics we are excited to hear about in a conference talk:

  • MID-CAREER TRANSITIONS – job hunting / dealing with ageism / restarting after a hiatus
  • INFOSEC – cybersecurity
  • CLOUD – technologies
  • SUPPLY CHAIN – logistics
  • PREVENTING BIAS – algorithmic, hiring / retention / promotion
  • CONFLICT MANAGEMENT – navigating hierarchy / office politics / people, transcending differences
  • NEGOTIATION – pay / equity
  • ETC, ETC – tell us what you are excited to geek out about in 2023!

How to write a speaker submission, from our friends at Autodesk:

Speaker Bio Template:

[name] is [job title] at [company]. In this role, she is responsible for [key activities]. Previously, she was [role] at [company] -OR- She has worked in this industry for [number of years]. She is passionate about [what motivates you]. She volunteers / leads [organizations and/or employee resource groups]. She studied [focus area] at [school].

Talk Title / Abstract Tips:

There are three parts to writing a talk title and abstract. Structure your thoughts around them to tell a short and complete story.

  1. Talk Title – Keep it simple and straightforward. Use terms that others might use to search for it.
  2. Problem Statement – Explain briefly the challenge you will help others address and the different perspective or experience that you can share with them.
  3. Benefits / Takeaways – Tell others clearly how they will benefit by spending time with you (e.g. the insights or skills they will learn). This can be a simple list of takeaways for conference attendees.

Please see our 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, and 2018 conference websites to be check out previous speakers and sponsors. You can always find our videos at the Girl Geek X YouTube channel, podcasts at Spotify, and social on Instagram and updates at LinkedIn.

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