Wen Hsu

Wen is Chief Transformation Officer and Founder at Wen Coaching, empowering women to overcome fears, grow, and advance in their careers. Her mission is to foster a world where diverse women leaders build inclusive, empathetic communities, shattering the career ceiling and claiming their spotlight.

Wen’s not just your coach; she’s been in your shoes, and she’s here to guide you to a more fulfilling life through her unique analytical yet intuitive approach.

As an introverted immigrant woman with 15+ years in tech, Wen faced challenges and barriers that are all too familiar to many women leaders. From losing herself in the quest of climbing the corporate ladder to the constant need to prove herself, she navigated complex cultural and professional barriers to become a successful engineering leader and best-selling author.



Leading With Quiet Strength, Overcoming Layoffs, & Surpassing 'Not-Enoughness'

Wen Hsu (Coach & Founder) dives deep into her stories of turning introversion into a superpower in leadership, having navigated the complexities of the tech industry for over 15 years. In this session, Wen will tackle the daunting experience of layoffs, sharing insights on not just bouncing back but advancing your career with renewed vigor. Attendees will learn to confront the pervasive feeling of ‘not-enoughness’ head-on, and will be provided perspectives to help dismantle self-doubt and fully embrace your potential with confidence. Attendees will leave with insights to inspire actions that will elevate both your professional path and personal growth.