Shikha Tandon, OLY

Shikha Tandon is the Chief Resilience and Partnerships Officer at svexa, based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is an Olympian swimmer with 37 international medals, and an Arjuna Award (awarded by the President of India for achievement in sport). She holds two graduate degrees and a triple major undergraduate degree in the biosciences. Throughout her professional career, she has contributed to science and education in the fight against doping in sport at the United States Anti-Doping Agency, and led product management initiatives at wearable and technology companies. Beyond her corporate roles, Shikha champions inclusivity through her advisory role at Bridges of Sports, a non-profit organization empowering Indian tribal communities and driving social change through sports. Additionally, she mentors aspiring athletes and sports enthusiasts, illuminating career pathways to succeed in the sports industry. 



AI In Exercise Optimization, & Why It Matters

Former Olympian swimmer Shikha Tandon (svexa Chief Resilience & Partnerships Officer) delves into AI in Exercise Optimization; exploring its significance and implications in the field of sport, fitness, and well-being. Understanding this is crucial not only for fitness enthusiasts but also for healthcare professionals, researchers, and society as a whole.