Shawna Martell

Shawna Martell is a Senior Staff Engineer at Carta. Her previous experience includes Director of Software Engineering for Yahoo’s Big Data Platform, and she was one of the original engineers on Wolfram|Alpha. She holds an MS in Computer Science from Syracuse University and an MBA from the University of Illinois. Beyond her professional pursuits, she channels her passion into volunteering in local politics and finds solace in the world of podcasts.



The Unique Position Of Women In Tech To Drive Political Change

Politics is everywhere, but many of us feel disconnected or uncertain about how to meaningfully engage. How can women in tech bridge the gap and make a difference? Shawna Martell (Carta Senior Staff Engineer) shares her journey from novice to community leader, working at the intersection of technology and community organizing. By sharing practical examples based on her own experiences, Shawna showcases the power of leveraging technology to implement solutions for political campaigns and community organizations. Learn how women in tech can use their skills to move our communities forward today.