Samantha Puth

Samantha is a full-stack, mostly front end engineer at Amplitude. She is currently part of the customer love pod where their mission is to identify bite-sized customer pain points and quickly build improvements. She’s been with Amplitude starting from December 2017 and since then, she’s helped release a handful of new product extensions, including Taxonomy and Release Analysis. Prior to Amplitude, Sam has helped build and develop Lending Club’s UI organization, tooling, and infrastructure (also where she met Cathy!). When she’s not working, Sam likes to listen to podcasts, read books, and drag herself to multiple workouts.



Girl Geek X Amplitude Lightning Talks & Panel Discussion

Over 100 girl geeks enjoyed dinner & lightning talks at Amplitude HQ in San Francisco to hear from Amplitude girl geeks about what drove their careers in engineering, product management, & how leaders can make inclusive, safe workplaces. Hear from Cathy Nam and Samantha Puth (Software Engineers), Sandhya Hegde (VP Marketing), Lisa Platt (Senior Director, Head of Design) & emcee Nisha Dwivedi (Sales Engineering Manager).