Raji Subramanian

Rajalakshmi (Raji) Subramanian is currently a VP of Engineering at Opendoor and is responsible for building out Opendoor’s real estate transaction and operational platform. She was previously the co-founder, COO, and Head of Product and Technology at Pro.com, a technology platform for the home improvement industry, which was acquired by Opendoor. Prior to that, she was a pioneering member and leader of teams that helped develop Amazon’s online Marketplace and Amazon Web Services (AWS), and has led teams in Amazon’s Kindle group and at Yahoo Finance. Outside of technology, she is interested in diversity and ESG and is a Board Member and Advisor for BoardReady, a not-for-profit organization focused on improving board diversity.



Moving Up: How To Fast Forward Your Career by Shifting Out of Auto-Pilot and Rising to the Top

Heather Natour sits down with Raji Subramanian to discuss ways to set the right goals for yourself, deconstruct common career roadblocks, and share approaches to deliver measurable impact that will get you noticed as you rise toward the top.