Poornima Muthukumar

Poornima Muthukumar is a Senior Technical Product Manager at Microsoft with over eight years of experience in developing and delivering innovative solutions for various domains such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing. She earned her Master’s Degree in Data Science from the University of Washington. Poornima holds eight Patents at Microsoft specializing in AI/ML and Big Data Systems and was the winner of the Global Hackathon in 2016 in the Artificial Intelligence Category. She is a mentor and volunteer at the Product Management Center at the University of Washington Foster Business School, a committee member for the Microsoft Machine Learning AI and Data Science (MLADS) conference, and an Ambassador at the Women in Data Science Worldwide Community.



Using Data To Guide Product Strategy & Product Roadmap

Poornima Muthukumar (Senior Technical Product Manager at Microsoft) shares how data can help product managers validate their assumptions, test their hypotheses, and measure their outcomes.