Patricia Moore

Patricia Moore has worked for Boomi for nearly 3 years now as part of their remote workforce based in Richmond, VA. Prior to working at Boomi, she served as an adjunct professor for Virginia Commonwealth University’s graduate program in Product Innovation. Boomi serves as her first foray into the tech industry after a 10+ year career that spanned across the entertainment, food & beverage, and non-profit sectors. Her role at Boomi is part technology developer, part business analyst. Starting with the company in 2021 as a citizen integrator, she is now quite comfortable translating between technical solutions and business outcomes to express the true power of the Boomi platform.



Women Leading The Way In Research & Development To Empower Innovation

Explore the variety of traditional and non-traditional ways in which women at Boomi have navigated their tech careers, and what transferable skills they’ve brought to their careers at Boomi. Hear about how they have overcome challenges while building their careers in tech.