Nora Hamada

Nora is the founder of the Recruit Rise program, which helps people build hyper-specialized tech recruiting skills to find high-paying, fulfilling jobs in the tech industry. Nora has spent over a decade in the tech recruitment industry. She’s worked closely with founders of notable companies like MoPub, Clover Health, Robinhood, and Upstart to help them build out their early-stage engineering teams, often working with companies under 20 employees. She also served as the tech recruitment advisor to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign team. When not working, she spends her free time hiking, rummaging estate sales, scuba diving, or reading a good book at one of her favorite neighborhood cafes.



Decoding What Recruiters Are Looking For In A Resume

Nora Hamada (Recruit Rise Founder) will lead a dynamic session on elevating your resume to captivate recruiters. Tailored for those with specific job targets, this talk ensures attendees leave with actionable insights for immediate application. Learn how to showcase your impact on a company’s bottom line, making it a standout feature. Leave with a toolkit to transform your resume into a compelling narrative, setting you apart in the competitive job market.