Natasha Harpalani

Natasha Harpalani is a Senior Technical Product Manager within AWS’s Clean Energy and Sustainability team where she works with large energy companies to modernize the electric grid through cloud technologies. Prior to AWS, Natasha worked at Mainspring Energy, a climate technology company that developed the linear generator which delivers onsite, 24/7, fuel-flexible, and clean power to the electric grid. She has a decade of experience building technology products and working at startups and is passionate about using her experience to help build solutions to climate change.

Outside of work, Natasha volunteers with the Young Professionals in Energy organization within NYC, mentors through First Round Capital and Girls Who Code, and is a former fellow within the Clean Energy Leadership Institute. In her free time, Natasha loves to scuba dive and practice Indian classical dancing. She majored in Operations Research and Financial Engineering and minored in Computer Science at Princeton University.



Don't Be Elizabeth Holmes: When To Make That Difficult Decision To Cut Scope

Sometimes, it’s hard to know when to push for excellent products and when to cut scope. Natasha Harpalani (Amazon Web Services Senior Technical Product Manager) will share her framework for knowing when to cut scope on a project. Attendees will learn to measure the tradeoffs associated with delivering a project on time and as planned versus cutting scope, execute a decrease in scope through communication and planning, and how to cut scope without compromising on an excellent customer experience.