Merav Bloch

Merav Bloch is the Vice President and the General Manager of Opendoor Exclusives, where she is building a first-of-its-kind online marketplace to connect buyers and sellers directly to transact without the hassles of the traditional real estate model. Her previous roles at Opendoor include Head of Operations Excellence, Head of Expansion, City Operations, and Strategy. Before her time at Opendoor, Merav was the Head of Customer Engagement at Square.



Keynote: Navigating Change & Uncertainty

Raji Subramanian (Opendoor Chief Technology Officer) will share tips for navigating uncertainty and the corporate change that follows suit. She’ll share how she led her team with three key tactics in mind – innovation, optionality, and adaptability – while discussing the importance of maintaining a positive and inclusive mindset, even during difficult times. Learn how to unlock value for customers and rally behind their cause, the importance of finding the right balance between cost efficiencies and innovation in an uncertain climate (all while keeping customer centricity), how to turn adversity and failures into opportunity (while thinking long-term, being patient and embracing hard-core problem-solving), and more gems of wisdom, as moderated by Merav Bloch (Opendoor Vice President & General Manager of Opendoor Exclusives).