Margaret Eldridge

Margaret Eldridge is an accomplished writer and editor in the technology space. As an acquisitions editor and a developmental editor, she applies her expertise to help authors refine and publish useful, high-quality books. Since 1996, Margaret has worked with hundreds of authors at publishers like Wiley, Manning, and The Pragmatic Programmers and has created software training and documentation for companies like Drake International, SOE Software, and Sage Software.



From SME To Published Author: Writing A Book As A Woman In Tech

How do you transition from subject matter expert to author? We will cover topics like proposing your book idea, finding a publisher, working with an editor, and the realities of being a published author. We will discuss the realities of being a published author, from potentially opening doors professionally, but requiring a major time investment. Attendees will gain insights into how to balance writing with your career, and learn about strategies to stay motivated and complete your book.