Mala Neti

Mala is a software engineer on the Web Platform team at SurveyMonkey, working on the re-architecture of SurveyMonkey’s front-end platform. Prior to this, she worked on SurveyMonkey’s mobile platform.  She loves all things React and Javascript, enjoys working with cutting edge front-end frameworks and tools, and loves finding ways to enhance developer productivity. Mala graduated with an engineering degree from UC Berkeley. She has a passion for leading the Women Who Tech group at SurveyMonkey and mentoring other women in engineering.  Outside of technology, she loves to sing with her a cappella team, Scales of the City.



Girl Geek X SurveyMonkey Lightning Talks & Panel

Girl Geeks gathered at SurveyMonkey HQ to learn about career development and self-advocacy, as well as find out first-hand what the women immersed in SurveyMonkey’s research, product design and engineering initiatives are working on. The evening also included a panel of senior female leaders who provided insights on career path-related topics such as how to make deliberate career decisions, when to change jobs or careers, and how to ask for promotion, among other topics.