Leemay Nassery

Leemay Nassery is an engineering leader who has worked at prominent companies such as Spotify, Etsy, Dropbox, and Comcast. From personalizing the homepage at Spotify to leading the A/B testing and personalization engineering teams at Comcast to building the data warehousing teams at Etsy, Leemay is passionate about tying engineering to business outcomes and user impact. In these experiences, she has learned that you do not need the perfect experimentation platform or a large engineering team to start gaining insights as to how users engage and interact with your product. You can read more about Leemay in her author spotlight on DevTalk here.



From SME To Published Author: Writing A Book As A Woman In Tech

How do you transition from subject matter expert to author? We will cover topics like proposing your book idea, finding a publisher, working with an editor, and the realities of being a published author. We will discuss the realities of being a published author, from potentially opening doors professionally, but requiring a major time investment. Attendees will gain insights into how to balance writing with your career, and learn about strategies to stay motivated and complete your book.