Jessica Burns

Jessica helps individuals and organizations explore the prismatic effect of business on technology (and vice versa) with an emphasis on data-driven decision-making. She is passionate about weaving data into stories. She also believes in leveraging the power of technology to eliminate physical barriers and bring people closer together.



Strategic Storytelling Using Data

Having mastered the art of understanding and leveraging data to enhance their roles and projects, this fireside chat session kicks off with personal stories of their career journeys, revealing the paths that led them to their current positions. Panelists will share how they strategically harnessed data in their roles, recounting anecdotes of how they turned insights into impactful results. As the conversation unfolds, expect to hear captivating stories of innovation – from hackathons to projects (and side projects!) – that have left a lasting mark on the companies they’ve contributed to. Fueled by the energy of collaborative conversation, dive into the world of data-driven strategic storytelling with a unique twist to spark insightful discussions.