Hannah Hosemann

Hannah Hosemann is a seasoned leader with nearly two decades of experience, specializing in global, award-winning SaaS customer success teams. In her role as Director of Onboarding and Implementation at Affinity.co, she meticulously oversees the entire customer journey, ensuring smooth transitions and optimal satisfaction. Beyond her corporate role, Hannah is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Element Candles, LLC, a thriving beauty and lifestyle brand known for its lean, successful team and adherence to six-sigma practices. Hannah’s high EQ leadership style is the driving force behind her ability to foster highly engaged and effective teams, earning widespread recognition and customer loyalty. Her diverse expertise encompasses industry satisfaction, seamless transitions, and creating successful, customer-centric business ventures from the ground up.



How To Give A $H*T - Drive High Performance & Engagement

With nearly two decades of experience in global, award-winning customer success teams, Hannah Hosemann (Affinity Director, Onboarding & Implementation) believes in the power of genuine care – Every interaction is a mentoring opportunity. She will explore the impact of authentic, personal connections on team dynamics and performance, and how genuine care can foster a positive work culture. Attendees will learn practical strategies for developing emotional intelligence in leadership to understand and respond effectively to the unique needs and motivations of team members. Discover actionable techniques for leaders to create an environment where team members feel valued and supported, leading to higher engagement and sustained high performance.