Eileen Quan

Eileen Quan is the Senior Director of Data Science at 2U. With over 15 years of experience managing cross-functional analytics and operations across Sales, Marketing, Product, and Tech teams, she is passionate about using data to drive positive change. Eileen volunteers her time as a mentor for data professionals and as a board advisor for education and fitness based local non-profit organizations.



Explore How Generative AI Can Enhance Your Career

With the changing landscape of Generative AI, discover how this innovative technology can fuel your career, unveil learning pathways, and empower you to navigate its evolution. Eileen Quan (2U Senior Director of Data Science) will talk about how to leverage generative AI to excel in your career and make an impact. She will discuss how to acquire the skills needed to thrive in this evolving field, and encourage collaboration among women in tech to drive innovation in AI.