Christina Chan

Christina Chan is a Staff Engineer at Wealthsimple. She’s passionate about the web, diversity, and inclusion. Currently, she’s building solutions that enable engineers to ship their code faster and more confidently. Throughout her career, she’s focused on scaling and performance, incident response, and product development. Christina has been a driving force in creating a more equitable and inclusive culture at Wealthsimple. She founded — and led for four years — an employee resource group for folks with marginalized gender identities in Engineering. In her free time, Christina enjoys reading fantasy and cheesy romance novels. She also has two cats: Milly and Oreo.



Leading With Vulnerability: A Practical Guide

Research shows psychological safety — team members feeling safe to take risks — is the most important dynamic that sets successful teams apart. Christina Chan (Wealthsimple Staff Engineer) shares her personal journey with vulnerability, as she reframed discomforts as opportunities for growth and eventually learned to be vulnerable at work. Attendees will leave with her strategies for practicing vulnerability without over-sharing and respecting your personal boundaries.